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History of Microsoft -- 1983

For Microsoft, 1983 means the end of an era with the resignation of Paul Allen, the introduction of MS - DOS 2.0 and the formation of Microsoft Press, a trade-book publishing division specializing in computer books. here is the history...

Category: Others | 605 views | by Varsha Prasad | View Video

Blue Ocean Strategy: Making the Competition Irrelevant

Blue Ocean Strategy is the best-selling book which launched a worldwide revolution in business strategy. Challenging the conventional competition based approaches to business strategy, Blue Ocean Strategy focuses on making the competition irrelevant ...

Category: Marketing | 631 views | by Varsha Prasad | View Video

Speaking Tips - Stop Worrying and Start Presenting

We created this video for the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) to help people prepare for their presentations. From concept to execution - it's all here!...

Category: Human resources | 890 views | by Varsha Prasad | View Video

Abdul Kalam inspirational Speech on Leadership and Motivatio

Abdul Kalam inspirational Speech on Leadership, A perfect example of Leadership. ...

Category: Human resources | 678 views | by Varsha Prasad | View Video

A 25 min Synopsis of Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri's 100 min Lectu

Event live video of his seminar...

Category: Others | 571 views | by Varsha Prasad | View Video

Twitter 101: How to Join the Conversation

jason Falls, CEO of Social Media Explorer, shares tips for business owners looking to find their place on social network....

Category: Marketing | 531 views | by Varsha Prasad | View Video

How Industry Clusters Can Spur Small-Business Growth

The U.S. Small Business Administration has helped form more than 40 industry clusters since 2009, fostering new regional activity and competitive centers for entrepreneurial growth. The SBA's Karen G. Mills explains how they got started and why they ...

Category: Others | 591 views | by Varsha Prasad | View Video

IIPM's Rohit Manchanda debates Indian MBA Education on NDTV

Rohit Manchanda (Dean- Centre for executive communication & personality development, IIPM & Director- Planman Marcom) debates Indian MBA Education on NDTV Profit's flagship program 'Big Business Battles' anchored by their Managing Editor Shivnath Thu...

Category: Students | 831 views | by Varsha Prasad | View Video

TEDxIIMC- Myshkin Ingawale

Myshkin Ingawale is an innovator and founder-Director of Biosense Technologies, low-cost medical device company that has created a device that tests for anemia in pregnant women without drawing blood, using only light. He is an alumnus of the 2011 b...

Category: Others | 798 views | by Varsha Prasad | View Video

Types of Accreditation: What's the Difference?

To be accredited, a school or program undergoes a review by an accrediting organization. Institutional accreditors review entire colleges, universities or vocational schools. Programmatic accreditors review programs in areas ranging from the health p...

Category: Students | 537 views | by Varsha Prasad | View Video

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