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4 Ps of Persuasion


Category: Marketing | 533 views | View Video

5 Ps Model to Improve Organizations and their Operations


Category: Operations | 522 views | View Video

Every Street Is Paved With Gold

Based on Autobiography of Kim Woo Choong - The Korean Entrepreneur...

Category: Others | 683 views | View Video

Abilene Paradox


Category: Human resources | 549 views | View Video

Acquisition & Integration Approaches


Category: Operations | 451 views | View Video


Henry Fayols Frameworks...

Category: Marketing | 621 views | View Video

A Good Hard Kick

Entrepreneurs Guide...

Category: Marketing | 551 views | View Video

Hal Gregersen, INSEAD Professor on Innovative Companies

The world's most innovative companies enjoy a premium on their share price. Holding onto it depends on the flexibility of top-level management to encourage new ideas across the organisation. ...

Category: Marketing | 527 views | View Video

INSEAD's Global Thought Leaders: Gianpiero Petriglieri

INSEAD professor of organisational behaviour Gianpiero Petriglieri, nominated for the Thinkers50 2013 "Future Thinker Award," on the crisis of trust facing today's leaders, and how to resolve it....

Category: Human resources | 599 views | View Video

2013 Stanford University Roundtable: Are You Happy Now?

Join moderator Katie Couric and a panel of experts in psychology, business, neuroscience and design for a Roundtable discussion about the happiness and sense of wellbeing that elude so many, but are sought by all....

Category: Others | 504 views | View Video

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