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GST Impact on Indian Stock Market

Goods and Service Tax will have an immense impact on Indian stock market as it will strike the basic conditions of the market. Basic Condition's are those that effect all other conditions in the market. This is called butterfly effect. The basic tena...

Category: Finance | 3022 views | View Video


Basics of Entrepreneurship...

Category: Others | 2938 views | View Video

How to do Start-UP

How to do Start-UP?...

Category: Others | 3017 views | View Video

Cooperative Federalism

Finance Secretary, Shri Ratan. P.Watal on Cooperative Federalism. ...

Category: Others | 4183 views | View Video

Exhibition on "Coins & Currency of India"

Exhibition on "Coins & Currency of India" ...

Category: Others | 4294 views | View Video

IIM Ahmedabad students evoke mixed reactions over Union Budg

IIM Ahmedabad students evoke mixed reactions over Union Budget 2016 ...

Category: Others | 4111 views | View Video

Starting Up India

Budget Debate: Starting Up India...

Category: Others | 2188 views | View Video

"Get inspired like never before", with Dr.Pawan Agrawal

“Get inspired like never before”, with Dr.Pawan Agrawal who made Mumbai Dabbawalas world famous...

Category: Others | 2477 views | View Video

Learn "How to get hidden high paying jobs in top MNCs?"

Learn "How to get hidden high paying jobs in top MNCs?" with Rajeev jain ...

Category: Others | 2539 views | View Video

Insights for Advertising students

MICA's Head of Marketing, Dr.Falguni Vasavada has Insights for Advertising students ...

Category: Students | 1475 views | View Video

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