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Corruption: a weapon of mass destruction

Uploaded on 29 November 2016 at 11:48

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Description While integrity is the most powerful trait to win over, corruption is the most potent weapon to conquer. The British used corruption as a weapon to divide our country (India) of many princely states living in harmony and prosperity, and left corruption as an enemy difficult to be conquered now, after seven decades of independence. It is only gaining traction, getting more and more deeply entrenched, and spreading its tentacles in all spheres of our life. Corruption is more powerful than any weapon invented ever to destroy your enemy, slowly, using their own people and resources and with minimum bloodshed and cost. It is like a creeping guerrilla warfare damaging the target slowly but steadily and unobtrusively. It is an invisible weapon that once triggered goes on auto pilot with no fuel to keep it running. It generates its own fuel and spreads wherever it can reach without being noticed. In fact our enemies use it effectively to slowly destroy our unity. It is used surreptitiously as a powerful bait on the lower rungs of the security establishment to gain information, access, plant destructive devices and walk away with no foot prints left, that makes it difficult to trace the origin to be used as an evidence. Corruption if used ingeniously and patiently enables even a Lilliput to conquer an Oliver. Such is the power of destruction of this unobtrusive weapon. It is part of a larger game plan of intrigue where the fence eats the crop. It has been used in ancient times (Puranas) to corrupt the mind of enemy’s men to make them wage war (non-cooperation) against their own master and in turn achieving the objective. The same weapon is now destroying our society though without an identifiable hand behind it. Should we allow this self- destruction to work towards our own end? Corruption neither happens by accident or nor is catalysed by oversight, but is an organised business of intelligent minds. The partners are many: policy makers, politicians, bureaucracy, oversight and law enforcement agencies, lower rung officials, mafia, service providers and motivated section of citizens. Corruption can happen only if a conducive environment exists. The job of these partners in crime is to create that environment, that is self-serving and at the cost of ordinary citizens and progress of the country. Those who indulge in corruption and be partners to it, are to be treated as national criminals, not petty thiefs. The job of well-meaning citizens is to break that conducive environment in which corruption and the corrupt thrive. Corruption is the most debilitating bane of our society. It is a despicable phenomenon deeply entrenched in our culture. Corruption eats into all progressive initiatives and actions of the minority of well-meaning individuals and institutions in our society. Corruption is all pervading; not limited to a few spheres/levels of economic activity, segments of society, geographies or even hierarchical levels. It surfaces wherever and whenever there is an opportunity for illegitimate benefits (rent seeking) in whatever form it takes. The benefits transferred manifest in many forms: financial, material, tangible, intangible, immediate, delayed, open, masked, direct, indirect, minor, major, obtrusive and subtle, indulged in by functionaries (officials) across levels: higher, middle and lower; cutting across business, services, emergency care, not excluding crematoria, hospitals, police, judiciary, education, municipal services and any. It is rooted in a despicable mind-set to make illegitimate short term gains by short cuts by both parties to the transaction.
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