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Walk And Raise Money for Charity: Ranbhoomi'18

By : Guest on 06 December 2017 E-mail Print Report Abuse

Ranbhoomi, the annual sports fest of IIM Indore scheduled to be held on 19-21 January, has always promoted health and fitness in the community. The upcoming Ranbhoomi Impact League is a step forward in the same direction. Ranbhoomi in association with ImpactRun App is organizing 40 Day Walkathon where 40+ colleges raise money for charity by simple daily walks and jogs. With the app, a user’s runs or walks simply convert into funds for non-profit organisations. But the money does not come from the pocket of the user. The Corporate Social Responsibility market is tapped here. The ImpactRun team partners with corporates and non-profits and creates causes for users to run or walk for. The corporate sponsors then raise the funds from their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budgets corresponding to the distance covered for that cause. Non-profits use these funds to create impact at the grassroots level.



The league would commence on 11th December and shall continue for 40 days. Every college that participates in the fest shall be given a college code that can be entered in the app so that the contribution made by each college can be tracked. The college that ends up contributing the most would be declared the winner of the Impact League. The league is a great way to promote fitness and charity both at the same time.


For Ranbhoomi details visit:

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