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Valedictory Function Held For GMPE Batch 3

By : Guest on 26 February 2019 E-mail Print Report Abuse

IIM Indore held the valedictory function for the General Management Programme for Executives (GMPE) Batch 3 on February 26, 2019. A total of 37 participants received the certificates for the programme which ran for a year- with classes held only on Sundays. 


The valedictory function began with the welcome note by Professor Debasish Maitra, Faculty and also the Coordinator for GMPE. He welcomed the participants and introduced the chief guest, Mr. Pushp Kumar Joshi, Director-HR, HPCL. 


Professor Jayasimha K R, Chair, Management Development Programme, then addressed the gathering. ‘We always look out for contextually relevant material and content which would help the participants in their professions’, he said. He wished all the participants a good luck for future endeavours. 


This was followed by certificate distribution to all the participants. 


Professor Himanshu Rai then addressed the gathering. He began his talk noting that education and learning are the progressive realisation of one’s own ignorance. ‘The more you learn, the more you get to be aware of how ignorant you are. You then realise that there’s so much more to learn’, he said. He then also spoke about the five fears every person has in his or her life - fear of money (many people associate their worth with the amount of money they have); fear of failure (many people are always scared of trying new things as they might fail); fear of success (the anxiety of always being the best at what one does, for he/she may not be able to replicate the best next time - as in the first time); fear of building new relationships (people tend to merge with only those who think similar - this prevents them from expanding their thought process and learning new perspectives by merging and networking with people with a thought process different than theirs) and lastly, being a procrastinator (always delaying taking steps to achieve the goals). He concluded his talk saying that many people tend to choose easy way over the difficult - but a good leader is a one who chooses not only the right way irrespective of it being easy or difficult, but also chooses the wise way.


Chief Guest, Mr. Pushp Kumar Joshi then congratulated the participants. He noted that HPCL has been associated with IIM Indore since a long time and that the Institute is one of the best in providing world class facilities and academic curriculum to the participants. Discussing about the three phases of life, he explained that when we were a kid, our first phase of the life was controlled by parents, teachers, etc. But current phase is the phase which could help us improve our third phase in the life—after we retire. ‘We’re at the right time and moment at life now and if we invest in this in a good way, our future would be better’, he said.


He advised the participants to find a purpose in life and not just earn a livelihood. ‘In our daily schedule, find some time for wasting the time. Find a time when you’re doing nothing and just being you. This would help you enhance yourself as a person and realise your potential’, he said. He concluded his talk discussing about the four aspects of life namely—ideal self (the self we wish to be); the real self (the self we actually are); the projected self (the self we project to the world) and the perceived self (the self we adapt). ‘A person needs to be conscious of these four dimensions to be successful, as being aware is absolutely necessary’, he said. He concluded by encouraging the participants to always focus on hard work—for without hard work, one can’t be successful.


The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Professor Debasish Maitra, followed by a group photograph and lunch for the participants and their families.  

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