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UTSAHA 2018- Marketing Workshop - Part 1

By : Guest on 06 October 2018 E-mail Print Report Abuse

The marketing workshop organized as part of Utsaha 2018, the annual marketing fest of IIM Indore was held at the IIM Indore campus on 6th October with a jam packed auditorium full of 1000 participants, who travelled to the campus from all parts of Madhya Pradesh. Professor Ranjeet Nambudiri, Dean (Academics), IIM Indore spoke in his inaugural address about the origin of the fest 10 years ago and its journey through the years. He also addressed the need that companies had for getting quality customer insights from the rural populace and how close to 50 projects for various companies across sectors and sizes were taken up over the years. ‘The workshop is an integral part of Utsaha, which in itself is perfectly aligned with the mission statement of IIM Indore’, he said.


The workshop commenced with a talk by Ms. Shreyanka Basu, Faculty, IIMC. She talked about who and what a qualitative researcher is. ‘To be a qualitative researcher, you need to be curious as to what makes your target customers do what they do. You need to ask questions and have an expansive imagination unhindered by taboos or personal biases’, she said. She then explained using two case studies – Iba Halal Care and developing stickers for messaging apps. Iba Halal Care was a pioneer brand in its market segment in India, so she explained how they had to construct a brand right from scratch – from doing secondary research and interpreting insights to shop design and selecting brand ambassadors. Almost the same problem was faced while developing stickers for messaging apps. Customer inputs on why and how they used emojis and stickers were first collected and analyzed. ‘Consumers have different avatars in different groups and contexts and so we had to make sure stickers catered to all those needs’, she said. The result was sticker packs modeled on actual facial expressions, which also included snippets of text to provide context to the emotion expressed, something that they realized was missing from regular emojis.


The next speaker was Ms. Shwetha Shrivastava who has 15 years of experience in the FMCG sector and is now Marketing Head at Abbott Nutrition. She talked about the development and life cycle of typical products and offered two case studies which highlighted the importance of marketing research. She gave the example of an advertising campaign that she had worked on for Bournvita, and highlighted the importance of  ‘having a brand with a relevant message, that plays a role in the customer’s life’; by explaining the thought process and psyche of Bournvita’s longest-running campaign – in fact, one of the most successful campaigns in the health drinks sector. When asked about the impact of digital marketing, especially in the FMCG sector, she claimed that ‘traditional methods of advertising still rule the roost’.


The workshop also had speakers such as Mr. Ashish Desai (Senior VP and Business Head, Aditya Birla Payments Bank), Mr. Pankaj Mishra (Partner and Head of Market Research, MART) and Mr. Mohan Krishnan (Ex-Group VP, Kantar IMRB) who enlightened the participants with valuable insights into the world of both rural and urban marketing.


The Urban edition of Utsaha ’18 will take place on 13th and 14th of October with an estimated 20,000 attendees.

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