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Urban Utsaha organized at IIM Indore

By : Guest on 15 October 2018 E-mail Print Report Abuse

Utsaha, the annual student run marketing fest of Indian Institute Management Indore, successfully organized the second edition of Urban Utsaha on 13th and 14th October. The Urban edition of Utsaha was conducted in tandem with the PankhidaGarbafestival at the Basketball Court. The 10 year old legacy of Utsaha has been dedicated to producing quality marketing research projects for its project partners. Whether it is profiling a new product or conducting brand awareness studies, the MBA students bring in the best of their creativity to the table. They come up with excellent themes and questions for the project partners while on the other hand, they also organize games that can keep the crowd engaged.


This year, Utsaha partnered with Hero MotoCorp, Raymonds and VLCC for projects. Brightly-coloured props and decor coupled with an enthusiastic Utsaha team, were enough to ensure a steady stream of people towards the stalls. A simple “kyaaapBigg Boss dekhtehai?” or a “Bike chalaanapasandhai?” aroused the curiosity of passers-by, and, lured on by funfair-like game stalls and the promise of a small reward, willingly answered all questions posed to them. The event was a huge success with a footfall of over 30000 people across both the days. "This event was a nice surprise" says Rajkumar, a resident of Indore. "Me and my wife enjoyed playing games like dumb charades and various other activities".


As Utsaha is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the upcoming Rural edition of the fest is expected tobe bigger and better. It will be held on 22nd and 23rd of November at JanpavKutti village, and the team has already begun gearing up for it.

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wrote on 17 October 2018

wrote on 17 October 2018


wrote on 17 October 2018

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