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Third Day of IPM Induction: Students Interact with Mr. Kapil Kanungo, Gold Medalist (IPM 2011)

By : Guest on 31 July 2018 E-mail Print Report Abuse

The third day of IPM Induction Programme for Batch 2018-23 began with an address by Col. Gururaj Gopinath Pamidi (Retd.), CAO, IIM Indore. Col. Pamidi welcomed the new batch and their parents. He also gave a brief introduction of the facilities and infrastructure of the Institute. He acquainted the participants with safety and security and rules and regulations of the campus.


This was followed by a session by Professor G. Venkat Raman, Chair, IPM who gave a presentation on ‘Overview of IPM Programme’. He explained in details the credit system and the examination pattern and also introduced the participants to the campus life they’re going to witness for the next five years. This was followed by a Q&A session.


The new batch also got an opportunity to interact with Mr. Kapil Kanungo, Consultant, Dalberg Advisors, also the Gold Medalist, IPM Batch 2011. He began his talk sharing an experience of working with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister as a consultant in building the new city—Amravati. He noted that his job involved book reviews, countless expert interviews, programme management, etc.—and he wasn’t an expert in any of these, yet he was able to do this successfully. ‘I am just an MBA, I graduated studying a little bit of psychology, sociology and other humanities courses along with finance, strategy and economics. Yet I was able to accomplish the task because I had the toolkit—which I earned over my time at IIM Indore’, he said.


He noted that the first three years of the IPM course are uniquely curated to give an extremely broad perspective on many issues and topics and the coursework includes not only technical courses like economics, statistics or maths but a whole range of courses from humanities to performing arts and foreign languages. ‘Always keep the fuel of intellectual curiosity ignited and embrace the subjects. Have the ability to remain persistent, work hard and be mature enough to take responsibilities of your own actions’, Mr. Kanungo noted. He also advised the students to learn the art of working with people, as complex problems require teams of people to solve them.


He concluded his talk encouraging the new batch to have the appetite to take risks and feel comfortable with failure. ‘You may make mistakes, but you then you need to learn and figure out a better way to do things. ‘Every time you fail, you should know you did something wrong, and make sure you don’t repeat the same next time’, he said. He also congratulated the new batch for making it to IIM Indore and advised them to believe in self and remain positive.


This was followed by a talk by Ms. Prachi, Assistant Programme Manager, Corporate Connect and Ms. Sivapriya, Visual Trainer for Visually Impaired Training Centre. Their session dealt with helping the new batch build an inclusive environment for the especially-abled.


The second half of the day had briefing sessions on Gender Sensitivity, Hostel & Student Affairs, Library, IT Infrastructure, Security, Medical Facilities and Safety. A briefing on Government of India Directive on ‘Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging’ was also held. The day concluded with a talk by consulting psychologists Dr. Sameer Golwelkar and Dr. Sonia Golwelkar, followed by High Tea.


Igniting Culture Session by Junoon Theatre would take place on Thursday for the IPM Batch 2016, 2017 and 2018 altogether. Also, an Experiential Learning Workshop and Outbound Exercise by Organizations & Alternatives Consulting Pvt. Ltd would take place on August 03-04, 2018. 

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