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The Lit Fest, Campfire day

By : Guest on 16 December 2019 E-mail Print Report Abuse

The last day of Lit Fest, a culmination of literary and cultural events, organized by the IPM Media Committee in association with various Student Interest Groups and Clubs, witnessed a raging bonfire located between student residence 16 and 18 from 8 pm in the evening to 1 am in the morning. 


The area around the bonfire was lit up with handmade decorative and chairs were arranged all around the bonfire in a circular manner. In line with the social cause 'Stop Violence Against Women', students made posters that took centre stage, right behind the bonfire. The event started with a parliamentary debate on the above-mentioned cause at 7 pm, which was conducted by IPM Social Club and IPM Debate Club. Around 40 enthusiastic students showed up for the same in teams of two. The event was adjudicated by Retorica, the debating SIG think tank, and the results are yet to be out. The bonfire was lit at around 8:15 pm which attracted many people, who started gathering around. Next, the Fandom Quiz was conducted by IPM Quiz Club, Inquizit-i where students in teams of six participated. There was also a fun session of some other thought provoking marketing games.


The night then went on with a couple of music and guitar performances by some of the most talented artists of Integrated Programme in management. Meanwhile, Literary Club conducted a 'Blind Book Date' where students across all three batches were pitched for dates based on their taste in books. It was really fun and people showed up in large numbers for their love for books. Sometime marketing club later, conducted a Musical Chairs game around the bonfire. Following that there were a few performances that included slam poetry and singing. The night ended with a couple of dance performances which left everyone in awe. After that slowly the fire died out but that ideas discussed and social message imparted was received well and didn’t die out.


Integrated Programme in Management is the first undergraduate course in the country provided by an IIM. On completion of the five-year course, participants graduate with a BA (Foundations in Management) and an MBA degree.

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