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Session on SMEs & Evolving Technologies: Contemporary Challenges & Risks

By : Guest on 13 October 2018 E-mail Print Report Abuse

Oct 12,2018(IIM Indore): ICICI Bank in collaboration with IIM Indore’s Industry Interface Office organised a brainstorming session on SMEs & Evolving Technologies:Contemporary Challenges & Risks. A panel discussion was conducted as part of knowledge series Entrepreneur’s University by ICICI for SMES & entrepreneurs. More than 50 industry delegates from manufacturing and service concerns  of Pithampur and Indore region participated in the event


The panel discussion was moderated by Prof. Siddhartha Rastogi, Faculty, IIM Indore.

Panel Members


1. Mr. Murali Ramakrishnan, Head SME Group, ICICI Bank.
2. Mr. Jaideep Ghosh, Partner, KPMG in India

3. Mr. Siddhartha Sethi, CEO and Cofounder of Infobeans
4. Prof. D.L. Sunder, Faculty - Strategic Management, IIM Indore


Mr. Murali Ramakrishnan, Head SME Group, ICICI Bank.

Q. How are tech disruptions along with financial challenges impacting SMEs and entrepreneurs?

A. Demography of consumers is changing. Further, several lending entities are coming up along with advent of P2P lending as well as digital lending. Currently we are witnessing an information overload.


As a lender, to fund technological investments we need to play the role of a consultant as to how tech makes sense for SMEs.It is critical to havetechnology but when to acquire the asset and how to use it are important decisions and questions before SMEs embark it. Entrepreneurs may want to account for uncertainties in tech trends through scenario planning.

Mr. Jaideep Ghosh, Partner, KPMG in India

Q.What kind of challenges do you observe for SMEs as far as tech disruptions are concerned?

A.Tech can be a great leveller as it can open up access to same services for big and small businesses alike. Currently SMEs are using it many miniature versions of  ERP, CRM etc. The earlier concept of SMAC: social, mobile, analytics and cloud) is being replaced by BRAID: Blockchain, robotics, automation, internet of things and digital fabrication.


As long as we are quick to adapt tech we can be ready to take on regulatory changes that occur with respect to new technologies.

Mr. Siddhartha Sethi, CEO and Cofounder of Infobeans

Q.As a tech entrepreneur, what is your understanding of the evolving tech frontiers and its impact on business?

A.We are in the midst of huge tech revolution. Technology can help address the question as to how our SMEs and startups can reach an even bigger scale, and reduce cost.. There can be two mindsets to approach technology. First to invest in cutting edge technology for instance:AI, data analytics vis-a-vis  using technology which is existing in market best suited for SMEs.


The RoI aspect of technology is also a crucial aspect. As a rule of thumb, the technology shouldrepay  itself back in the form of benefits through the next 3-5 years.

Further, on the regulation aspect of tech, the policymakers and the government may be hit suddenly by technological innovation and thus laws may come up in a haste and may not account for multiple use-case scenarios.


Prof. D.L. Sunder, Faculty - Strategic Management, IIM Indore


Q. How to overcome a mindset challenges along with fin and tech challenges as an Entrepreneur?

A. Technology can be an enabler for two purposes: First for solving a specific problem and second making operations more cost-effective which is directly related to affordability of technology too.While work in tech space may be quick it does take a long time from research to commercial application. Tech transition in itself may be gradual process.


Looking at technology, from a perspective of aggressive growth opportunity to build capabilities for future then can be more helpful.


The panel discussion was followed by speech from Prof D.L. Sunder. He concluded by thanking esteemed panellists and industry delegates for joining in the discussion.

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