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Rural Utsaha Day 2 at IIM Indore

By : Guest on 23 November 2018 E-mail Print Report Abuse

Utsaha, the rural edition of the Annual marketing festival of IIM Indore, kicked off its 2nd day (23/11/18) at JanapavKutti village, Mhow.


With a footfall of over 45000 for day 2, the 10th edition of Utsaha captured the attention and enthusiasm of people from all over the village including children and elderly. The people not only actively took part in the events but were very inquisitive about all the information shared with them.SnehaBeriwal, AVP- Marketing, Aditya Birla Payments Bank also attended the event.“The event has been extremely successful. The crowd was amazing, our team worked hard for six long months and the event ended with a lot of learning for all of us. I wish our successor team takes it to new heights” said Sourabh Kala, coordinator of Utsaha 2018.


Utsaha’18 has not only been limited to Marketing and fun activities but it also aims to work for the overall welfare of the people along with Ummeed, the social club of IIM Indore. The team continuously works for the welfare of people in rural areas and does their level best to improve the lives of people in these areas. They have been planning various activities to spread awareness among the people regarding the need to educate children specially girls of JanavpavKutti.


There is no doubt that the day 2 of rural Utsaha has escalated the level of participation, enjoyment and learning for all the students and people alike. The marketing workshop conducted at IIM Indore on October 6th and the Urban Edition conducted during the PankhidaGarbha Festival at Indore had also been huge successes. “Through gamification based disguised marketing research methodology, the team was able to gather fruitful insights for our partner companies”, were the parting words of GarimaJeswani, coordinator of Utsaha’18.

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