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Rural Utsaha Day 1 at IIM Indore

By : Guest on 22 November 2018 E-mail Print Report Abuse

Utsaha, the rural edition of the Annual marketing festival of IIM Indore, kicked off its 10th edition today (22/11/18) at Janapav Kutti village, Mhow. The fest is organized in conjunction with the annual Karthik Purnima Mela organized in the village.


The fest was inaugurated by the sarpanch of the village, Mrs. Kavitha Patidar and her husband Mr. Sushil Patidar. In the inaugural address, Mr. Patidar talked about how the students of IIM Indore are a model to youth all over the country. He also reminded them of their duty to the nation, and asked them to do at least one good thing for the society per day. The coordinators for this edition of Utsaha, Mr. Sourabh Kala and Ms. Garima Mishra also spoke during the inauguration. This edition was mentored by Mr. Abhishek Mishra, Head of Industry Interface Office, IIM Indore.


The fest uses concealed marketing survey techniques to take feedback from customers about various products, companies and services. To attract the general public, all sorts of games and fun activities were also organized. This year, the fest took surveys for FICCI, Aditya Birla Group and Holland Agriculture. With a footfall of over 15000 on the first day itself, the 10th edition of Utsaha is off to a great start, with thrice that number expected in the following days. With both the marketing workshop conducted at IIM Indore on October 6th and the Urban Edition conducted during the Pankhida Garbha Festival at Indore both being soaring successes, there is no doubt that the original rural edition will also follow the trend.


The fest will conclude on 23/11/18, Friday. 

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