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Pre-Convocation 2018 Held at IIM Indore

By : Guest on 28 March 2018 E-mail Print Report Abuse

The Nineteenth Annual Convocation of IIM Indore commenced today, on March 27, 2018 with the Pre-Convocation Ceremony.


The event was marked by the presence of Mr. Rahul Razdan, CEO, Reliance Jio Messaging Services Pvt. Ltd (also the alum of PGP Batch 1998-2000) and Mr. Shantiswarup Panda (also the alum of PGP Batch 2003-2005), Chief Marketing Officer, Raymond Ltd. as the Guests of Honour.


During the event, certificates were distributed to the coordinators of various students’ councils by the Director. Top scorers were also presented with the certificates of appreciation. Scholarships and awards were presented to the following participants by the Guests of Honour:


  1. State Bank of India Scholarship to Prateek Singh.
  2. Eicher Scholarship to Ity Jain.
  3. K. K. Alagh Gold Medal for Best All-Round Performance -Woman participant to AishwaryaSaraswat.
  4. ICSI Signature Award for Scholastic Performance to Prateek Singh.
  5. IIM Indore Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Performance in the 4th Year of Integrated Programme in Management to DhruvKansal.
  6. ShapoorjiPallonji Rising Star Award of Academic Merit for EPGP (2017-18) to Raj Lochon Biswas.

Professor Rishikesha T. Krishnan, Director, IIM Indore then welcomed the guests and congratulated the graduates of various programmes. He also gave a brief introduction of various programmes across Indore and Mumbai Campus. He also expressed his happiness  to see a huge number of family members in the gathering and noted that the Institute shares their pride and joy with this convocation. He then welcomed the Guests of Honour and said that it’s always pleasant to have alumni on campus again. ‘This is an occasion to celebrate the efforts of each and every individual related to the Institute and to appreciate their efforts in making the Institute what it is’, he concluded. 


This was followed by the address by Mr. Rahul Razdan. He began his talk congratulating all the students for graduating from IIM Indore. Sharing his memories with the Institute he said, ‘Today when I stand in front of these audiences; being done with a good share of work experience, it still feels like homecoming. This is a surreal experience for me and the best entrepreneurship experience has been at IIM Indore; and coming back on such an occasion brings back a lot of memories’.


Encouraging the graduating participants, Mr. Razdan said that every time a student graduates, he or she becomes a contributor to the society, and share a legacy, who have a very active role in building this Institution. ‘When the participants get their degrees, that piece of paper not only is a recognition of what you achieve and have done; but is also a promise that you’ll be the ambassadors of the Institute. You all will go far and achieve success’, he said.He also advised the students to keep looking for new opportunities and try to overcome benchmarks. ‘Everest might have been conquered once for the first time, yet other people tried to conquer it in various other manners, like without oxygen mask, without any support, etc. Adding that extra hit to your achievement is the way to success, he noted. Have a world of your own, but keep revising time to time. We are social media people, but the world is moving at a rapid pace and if you don’t move, you’ll be fixated and live a stagnant life, he concluded. 


Mr. Shantiswarup Panda then delivered his address. He spoke about his learning from his work experiences and what you shouldn’t do and what one shouldn’t look out for. He noted that one shouldn’t begrudge failures as there are days when you win and a few when you lose. Hence one shouldn’t take the low days too harsh on self. ‘Once you graduate and you move out in industry, you may have more power and more money. But to become great leader, never disregard human dignity’, he said. He also advised the students to make sure never to abandon the commitments as they define our attitude and the things we do in our life. ‘Do not follow anyone else’s path. Figure out what keeps you awake and it’s important to you and your lives’, he concluded. 


The event was followed by a mesmerizing cultural evening with a musical performance by Ragas Redefine. 


Convocation Ceremony would take place on March 29, 2018 in the presence of Mr. Aditya Ghosh, President and Whole Time Director, IndiGo Airlines.

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