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New Academic Session of 2018 Commences at XLRI

By : Guest on 12 June 2018 E-mail Print Report Abuse

New Batch of 543 future business leaders join the Institute


11th June 2018: XLRI – Xavier School of Management today welcomed the new batch of students of the new academic session of 2018 at a formal ceremony of commencement.


Today, a total of 543 students joined the illustrious XLRI student fraternity, including the three flagship programmes:


  1. Business Management (PGDM-BM: 2018-20 batch) - 181 students;
  2. Human Resource Management (PGDM-HRM: 2018-20 batch) - 182 students;
  3. Fifteen-months General Management Programme (PGDM-GM: 2018-19 batch) - 105 students

Along with:


  1. Three years Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM-BM, Part Time: 2018-21 batch) – 45 students;
  2. Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) – 10 students;
  3. Executive Fellow Programme in Management (EXEC-FPM) – 20 students


The new students were welcomed at a solemn, inaugural prayer service function at XLRI Campus in presence of all the current students, faculty and staff members. The welcome ceremony was addressed by Fr. E. Abraham, S.J.Director, Dr. Ashis K PaniDean [Academics] and Fr. Jerry Cutinha, S.J, Dean [Administration & Finance] at XLRI.


Welcoming the new batch of students, Fr. E. Abraham, S.J., Director, XLRI said, “India is presently at a very challenging phase of its socio-economic transition. We are in the midst of geo-political changes that are both complex and unpredictable. In these times of Post-Trump, Post-Brexit and Post-Truth and high oil prices it seems nations, organizations, and educational institutions like ours and also all of us as individuals have to be prepared for any non-linear, macro socio-economic eventuality.”


“XLRI, besides being a higher learning institution is also a social institution. We have to carry out our responsibilities as a social entity. A strong connection with the society will provide the edifice for value-oriented learning. This will instill in future business leaders like you all a sensitivity that will inspire you to search for solutions to vexed socio-economic problems in the environment in which we are living. The onus is on institutions like XLRI to produce men and women of substance and character, not merely competent professionals,” he further added.


Fr. Abraham also advised the new students to start thinking about addressing socio-business challenges and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams while at XLRI.


Introducing the new batch of students to the accomplished faculty members of the institute,  Dr. Ashis K PaniDean [Academics], XLRI commented, “XLRI is known for its academic excellence as well as instilling in its students the right values through courses, activities, events and the environment it creates. A unique feature in the first term will be the Village Exposure Programme and the Outbound Programme. Both the programmes have been designed to create awareness among the students of life in rural India, as well as the importance of team spirit. Such an integral and value-based formation will impel the future managers to be innovative, competent and creative leaders.”


The new students will be taken through a Special Orientation Programme drawn up by XLRI to update their knowledge before regular classes commence.


The first year students will also be taken for XLRI’s compulsory Village Exposure Programme and the Outbound Programme. Both the programmes have been specially designed for the students to create awareness about the realities rural India.  

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wrote on 26 June 2018

World wises study metal Wanted improovement signel Most liked Director:= Kavisamrat Ravipranaipandu IJCC gaspol team works.

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