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Marketing for Startups program at IIM Indore

By : Guest on 15 October 2018 E-mail Print Report Abuse

IIM Indore and NSRCEL of IIM Bangalore organized a half day program on “Marketing for Startups” on Saturday, 13th Oct 2018. Around one hundred and fifty entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs participated in the event.


The event was kick started by Mr. Kesava Reddy introducing the event and Prof. D.L.Sunder talking about the institute’s initiatives to promote and facilitate entrepreneurship.


Mr. Rajan (founder Upekha) spoke about the importance of marketing communications and highlighted why it should be simple and understandable. He said storytelling is a powerful way to communicate your message to the audience.


Mr. Niraj (founder Hiver) spoke about content marketing. Responding to a question on how to price your products, particularly when the trend is to offer discounts to attract customers, he said pricing your products low is not sustainable and suggested that when in doubt you should price high and lower it as you gather more information from prospective customers.


Ms. Almitra (CMO Clevertrap) spoke about the importance of marketing and sales working closely together to achieve results. She said that it is important to be data driven because without data, you are just another person with an opinion.


All the above speakers joined Mr. Singhal (CEO of WittyField) and Annkur (Cofounder of Pricebaba) in panel discussion which lasted around an hour.


Mr. Singhal shared his experience in creating viral content and spoke of the importance of emotions while designing viral content.


Mr. Annkur, shared his experience in founding and leading Pricebaba and attributed their success to their efforts in identifying an unfulfilled need and building an offering to serve these needs.


The organizers announced that follow up events were being planned at regular intervals. 

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wrote on 19 October 2018

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wrote on 19 October 2018

有无数的营销策略是我们所不知道的。所以,如果你在<a href="">完整的指南和对pensters写作服务的审查/</a>“我们向年轻人提供这些信息。我喜欢获得更多关于他们的信息。

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