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Lit-Fest Held at IIM Indore by IPM Participants

By : Guest on 10 December 2019 E-mail Print Report Abuse

Undergraduate students from IIM Indore’s Five Year Integrated Programme in Management conducted the Journalist Face-off on December 07-08, 2019. Conducted by the IPM Media & PR Committee, the event was part of Day One of a culmination of literary and cultural events titled the ‘Lit Fest’. The first edition of the Lit Fest had a social cause attached to it, wherein participants were sensitized on the issue of gender violence and urged to ‘Stand Against Violence Against Women’.


The first event of the Lit fest, Journalist Face-Off saw enthusiastic participation from students from all three batches of IPM, with over thirty teams of two members each registering for the first round. For the first round, a mock press conference was held, and the participants had to draft a report for the same. A total of fourteen teams moved to the second round, where participants had to make connections between a series of images. The rounds were judged by AnushaSoni and Aradhya Vats, who were the past members of IPM Media Committee.


The semi-finals and the final round saw huge number of students coming in to witness the event, and it finally ended with ‘Fish and Chips’, comprising of first-year students Mrigesh Dewan and Roopsha Deb emerging as the winners. Team ‘Ka-Ching’, which included third-year IPM students Mansi Srivastava and AmruthaRenganathan, finished close second. This was just the first event of the three day lit fest which is aimed at moulding the young managers of IIM Indore by series of competitions. The second day will witness a treasure hunt on campus late night.


The third day would witness a bunch of events, which would have a social cause debate and music-dance-performance along with marketing games as well.Lit-Fest Held at IIM Indore by IPM Participants


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