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IRIS 2017 at IIM Indore: Day 3

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The final round of Chanakya - The Consulting event of IIM Indore took place on 12th November. 9 finalist teams battled it out after going through a series of rigorous preliminary rounds. These included teams from colleges such as Goa Institute of Management, NMIMS, FORE etc.


The final round consisted of a case study competition based on crisis management. Each team came up with innovative solutions to the problem. The judges for the event were Professor Swapnil Garg and Professor Abhishek Mishra from IIM Indore. They carefully evaluated the participants and had an engaging Q&A round with the contestants.



Team Deadpool from SIMSREE, Mumbai consisting of Abhijeet Raut, Pradeep Maher and Yogesh Askar walked away with the first prize including a cash prize of Rs.30,000. The team from FORE school of management were declared as the runner's up.


Thus, Chanakya 2017 ended on a successful note with the bar set even higher for the next year.


Speaker series


Milee Aishwarya


The editorial director of Penguin Random house, Milee Aishwarya opened up about her life experiences, her tryst with celebrities and the publishing scene in India to a packed audience at IIM Indore. Milee, who has worked with the likes of Karan Johar, Twinkle Khanna, Sachin Tendulkar, Sonali Bendre in the past revealed her upcoming project - a book on success mantras for students from our very own Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. Born in Patna, she completed her Masters in English Literature from Hindu College, Delhi University before moving on to publishing. When asked about what it takes to become a publisher in India, she said “Every day for me is an adventure. I am a person who gets bored very easily. But Luckily, the job keeps you on your toes. One has to love the job in order to be able to survive in this business. Besides, sometimes the time constraints are hectic. Books on public cases like Sheena Bohra or Arushi Talwar case are very popular among the audiences but need to be published within a set time period - till it is fresh in public memory. Constraints like these further exacerbate the task of a publishing house”.


Talking about the power of the written word, she said “I always tell my authors to leave politics out of the office when they start writing.

Voice of Indore

Mesmerising melodies, vibrant voices and heart-warming harmonies !


The finale round of Voice of Indore 2017, flagship musical event of IRIS fest was conducted in the new auditorium of IIM INDORE echoing with beautiful live performances, that battled to be the the Voice of Indore !


The prelims witnessed amazing talent through the campus, open air and college auditions.


The team from Sangeet Gurukul of Mr Dhananjay (acoustic guitar), Mr Ketan & Mr Tanmay Pathak (synthesizer), Mr Chetan Singare (electric guitar), Mr Krishna Kashyap ( cajon box ) provided live music

Lasya Dance Workshop


A dance workshop was arranged by Lasya team of dance event for participants. It witnessed of a participation of 20 couples who enthusiastically grooved on Shape of You and Despacito to grasp the dance-forms of Salsa & Lyrical Hip-Hop. The workshop was conducted by talented dance artist and Founder and choreographer of DXB Crew.


One of the participants at the workshop Pawan, shared that he really enjoyed the workshop and due to the enjoyable experience he plans to sign for such dance workshops.


Nalayak The Band:


Distortion IRIS 2017 on day 2 of IRIS 2017 ended on a “Rocking” Note. The band from Chandigarh- Nalayak, pumped up the energy to a whole new level at IIM Indore. Defined by its enchanting persona, the band is a first-of-its-kind independent rock band which has been applauded for its crazy acts and stupefying LIVE performances. Nalayak’s music gently touches the bizarreness of the “modern society”. On the 11th November, the students of IIM Indore got to witness this truly impressive brand LIVE in action. And they did not disappoint! They enthralled the audience with some of their popular tracks like “Bawra”, “Daru” and “Deewane”. Despite giving back-to-back performances as part of their tour, there was no dearth of energy in this band of four who hail from Chandigarh. The students at IIM Indore just couldn’t have enough of this amazing quartet and could be seen enthusiastically singing along some of the popular songs of the band.




The 6 teams from some of the top B schools in the country presented their ideas in a presentation during day-3 of IRIS 2017. The teams from IIM Indore, FSM, NMIMS and SP JAIN had previously visited their assigned industries to figure out the problems they faced in an attempt to resolve them as part of this LIVE Consulting event. On day-3, the representative of these 6 SMEs adjudged the participants and the feasibility, effectiveness of their presented solutions. The team from SP JAIN, which was working on a B2B marketing project for Ace Engineering, emerged the final winners of the event and walked away with a cash prize of Rupees 20,000.

Chain Reaction


The flagship operations and supply chain event of IRIS ’17 comprised of three rounds; Round one was the Quiz which saw the participation of 350+ participants, then it was Simulation round and lastly Case study round. The event concluded with the Team A from IIT Roorkee bagging the First place and Team phoenix from IIM Indore as the Runners up.



The sponsors were Biziga.


Gordian Knot


Day 3 commenced with the final round of Gordian Knot, the flagship sales and marketing event of IRIS ’17. The round which basically revolved around market research and getting consumer insights concluded with Team Good Times from NMIMS Mumbai bagging the first place and Team Two and a Half Men from MICA as the Runners up. Rolls Mania were the sponsors for this event.



The last and final day of Drona started off with a series of mock group discussions and personal interviews. The final round saw 5 students participating in an unique extempore competition.


Talk by Dr. Harish Hande, co-founder of SELCO


The Ramon Magsaysay award winner spoke to the audience about his preference for certain ideologies that promote togetherness and pooling of resources. He believes India has the potential to be the centre for generating solutions.




Jigyasa, the quiz event, was sponsored by P.S. Academy. The day kicked off with 15 teams. The quiz tested the participant’s general knowledge. Nationally renowned Arun Mani was the quiz master for the event.The first round was a written preliminary round, which was an elimination round. It had 30 questions lasting for around 45 minutes. 7 teams made it to the second round of the quiz. The winners were Lavinia Aadithiyan C and Shashwat Sinai, IIT Bombay.



Kalpavriksha is the social venture pitching competition. The event started with teams from across India presented their social venture plans. The competition started with a panel round in which the knowledge partners and the investment Partners interacted with the teams. In the second round the teams presented their business plans to pitch the venture capitalists for investment for which they were given 10 minutes followed by question and answer round.The knowledge partner for the event were Wadhwani foundation ,Head Held High, ASiS, Indore entrepreneurs network, GAP and VillGro. The investment partners were NRI startup India, SWAN angel network and AIC Aartech.


Speaker Series


Mr. Srijan Pal Singh is a social entrepreneur and founder of Kalam center. He shared his views about his upcoming novel ‘the history of tomorrow’ stressing on how technology is changing the world around us. He spoke of how we have the power to change the world. It is important to chase dreams and do something for which one is remembered for. In the next couple of years we will have cure for our major diseases, although new diseases will keep on coming. He shared the memories of the last day of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Talking about his time with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam he said few great things like ‘Don’t walk the path you don’t believe in’.


Interview with Mr. Srijan Pal Singh


Q. The world is looking upon India for its growth. Is rural India a part of it?


A. You can’t have development of India without 70% people being a part of it. 90% of India’s land is rural India which is very rich in terms of resources. Many of the government schemes are targeted to the rural India. Since it has a lot of scope for development, we have opportunity there. Urban area is already overcrowded. The biggest development opportunity for India is in rural India. The economics of rural India is changing.


Q. What can be done to bring innovation?


A. Innovation is a culture not a resource. It is a daily way of thinking. Children should be encouraged to think in an innovative way right from their school days.


Q. Message for entrepreneurs


A. Don’t fear about losing. Try to take up the road taken less often by people.


Concert by KK


The concert saw a huge crowd turn up to attend the prominent Bollywood singer, KK. He performed various songs and the crowd did not seem to get enough of him even as the concert ended.


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