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IRIS 2017 at IIM Indore: Day 2

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The participants of Neetishastra travelled to various industries to understand their problems- and presented their ideas for review to the esteemed panelists. Among the panel of judges was Mr Sujai Sen, strategy head of new digital businesses at Ericsson, an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad. The 6 final teams- from IIM Indore, SP Jain, NMIMS, NITIE Mumbai and FSM presented brief solutions to the problems facing their assigned industry and their ideas. Teams geared up for the final round wherein they will present their ideas in a full fledged presentation for evaluation by the panelists.





The final round of the 15th edition of Ashwamedha, the flagship leadership event, concluded with a bang! After a grueling 48 hours of intense competitions amongst the 25 participants, 3 participants were able to make it to the “Spotlight” round. Quite literally, the finalists were made to sit in the Spotlight as they were bombarded with a series of questions from the judges and the audience which tested their mettle. The panel of judges included Dr. Vijay Menon, Member of the Board of Directors with the United Arab Emirates Exchange, Dubai, External Organization Development and Human Resources Partner to ASCENDAS along with Mr. Sandeep Baldava- Partner, Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services at Ernst and Young. The director of the institute,  Dr Rishikesha T Krishnan also attended the event. 



The finale of the dance event Lasya witnessed mesmerising performances from 23 select teams in the Group and Solo category in dance-forms such as classical Kathak, lyrical hip-hop, jazz funk, popping locking, contemporary. The event was judged by eminent choreographer Mr Vicky Dubey and renowned classical dancer Mr Rakshit Yadav. The audience truly enjoyed the performances and variety in the dance-forms, what was more interesting was the live feedback from the judges after each performance followed with audience polls. 



Finance League sponsored by ICICIdirect Centre for Financial Learning


The final round of the event - 'Stock Pitch' which involved making a buy or sell pitch for the company in the particular industry sector. 


The presentations were to be made followed by an extensive Q&A session by both, the judge Mr. Manish Dafria & the members of team Finance League. 


The team from NMIMS college came 1st, followed by IIM Amritsar as the runners up and KJ Somaiya in the 3rd place.




Chanakya, the flagship consulting event of IRIS, presents a unique challenge for participants to analyze, investigate and present their recommendation to a high powered panel of leaders from the industry and academics.


9 teams had been shortlisted after the online elimination rounds consisting of a quiz and case study.


The first round took place which consisted of a quiz based on concepts of consulting, practical applications and situations from mythology.




Drona started with participants making presentations based on the market research they had conducted.


This was followed by a Finance and Operations session and group activities.




The started off with 11 teams making final presentations. Each presentation was followed by an extensive Q&A session by the judges. The winners declared are Team Virtus from IMI New Delhi, followed by Team Vyuha from IIM Ranchi.


Speaker series: Ms. Madhavi Prathi, Paralympic Swimmer


Ms. Madhavi Latha Prathi is a National Paralympics Swimming Champion, President of the Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India, General Secretary of the Paralympics Swimming Association of Tamil Nadu and founder of Yes We Too Can movement. She was only 7 months old  when a massive polio attack left 80% of her body paralysed, but that didn't stop her from reaching newer heights every day. She believes there is no point cribbing about what we can't have. So she started the "Yes, We can" movement. She spoke about how rebellion is at the heart of motivation. 


She welcomes suggestions from people on how to help better. She decided to host a national sports championship in Chennai to spread awareness in Tamil Nadu about disabilities. It was a success with attendance from all over India. Tamil Nadu came to awareness.


Excerpts from her interview


Q: How do sports make a difference in the lives of people?


A: I would say that sports have an encouraging effect wholly because they build up confidence. There are many tasks in life that appear daunting. A little confidence opens the horizon of the mind to a whole new world of possibilities.


Q: Many a time, people sink into depression and are to some degree mentally obstructed to do their best. What could be done?


A: I would say that there is a certain fault in being too fixated on any one thing. One has got to do a wide variety of tasks not just to distract, but to build up confidence and an outward perspective.


Q: You mentioned in your speech that one should always strive to keep doing something, and even if one endeavour peters out, one must actively seek out other things to do. How does that work?


A: Well that has solely to do with managing one’s temperament. You see success does not always happen on one’s first try at something difficult. To build up the confidence to wait for it to happen, and to keep one engaged, one has to divert attention to other avenues to channel energy and enthusiasm.


Q: What would be your advice to the students here, particularly regarding stress and mental fatigue?


A: Seek out new things to do. Don’t get fixated. Also help other people without expectation. The ability to be make a difference to others cures stress and depression.


Gordion Knot


The marketing event had teams bring their creative flair on the table. A sales round was held at the busy Rajwada market. Innovative and creative sales techniques were used by the participants in this hand-on learning experience.


Zero One Infinity


The second day began with the commencement of the final presentation round of the IT consulting event, Zero One infinity. Students from various B-schools participated in this “one of a kind” event which brought on the table a unique cross functioning mechanism among both the Management and the Engineering side of the coin. 


Six teams presented their solution to the problem at hand, following which the winners were announced. Team Hadoop from NMIMS Mumbai took the 1st spot, followed by Crazy Cruncher from IIM Indore.




The street play competition saw the participation of 3 shortlisted teams. The judges were Amaan Khan and Vipul Singh. IPS Academy came first, closely followed by IET Lucknow in the second position.


The evening had rock bands performing to Distortion. Naalayak the band’s performance started off at 10 PM and was well-received.

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