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IRIS 2017 at IIM Indore: Day 1

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The inauguration ceremony was held in the morning of 10th November. The IRIS coordinators, Harshwardhan Singh and Prabhakaran  R. addressed the audience, elaborating on what is in store in this edition of Iris. The ceremony proceeded with the Guest of Honour, Mr. Kishor Kharat , MD and CEO of the Indian Bank, lighting the lamp and addressing the audience. An eminent banker, he spoke about microfinance. Further, he took questions from the audience and spoke about demonetisation, cryptocurrency and the importance of understanding ground realities before formulating solutions. The vote of thanks was delivered by the Chief Administrative Officer, Colonel Gururaj Gopinath Pamidi(Retd.)

Excerpts from the interview with Mr. Kishore Kharat , M.D. AND CEO , Indian Bank.

Interviewer: Indian Bank is one of Asia’s best performing bank stocks. To what would you attribute its success?KK: Indian Bank performs well across all financial parameters, particularly financial ratios as compared to other banks .This is because of the way we monitor our balance sheet and financial portfolios. This is how the market recognizes that this stock is a good stock. We look at it from the futuristic point of view. Everyone has appreciated the stock growth. There has been a 45% rise during the past one month itself. In the last one year there is almost a 100% growth.


I: What is your view on the NPA problem that has been plaguing the Indian banking system?


KK: I agree that is a problem. But, if you look at the non performing assets, it is my personal opinion and I have been advocating it for quite some time, let us not call then “non performing” assets. Because, on the ground they are performing, but the cash flow is not adequate. They are operating much below their stock capacity. The funds are not sufficient to pay the debts. Hence, I call them low performing assets. Once the economy starts turning around and we give them time, they will recover.


I: What advice would you like to give to the budding managers who are going to step into the business world?



KK: I advise students to look for entrepreneurship. Because most students after passing out from the IITs and IIMs seek jobs either in India or abroad. Even if it takes time to get adjusted to the environment, you will realize that you are doing a lot of good for your family and country. You will be creating many job opportunities.It will help the national wealth and job market. Students from IIMs and IITs need to take the lead to bring about change. Many entrepreneurs are not literate. If we can get the well educated people to step into this field, it will improve the economy.




The 15th edition of Ashwamedha, the flagship leadership event of IIM Indore, was kickstarted early morning by the esteemed educationist, Dr Vijay Menon. The event, older than IRIS itself,  witnessed attendees from some of the best minds from all over the country including IIMs, IIFT, ISB. The event which derives its name from the story of the famous horse of Ramayana. True to its name, the event tests the grit and wit of its participants who have been promised an interesting ride ahead.


Lasya: Prelims Round:

Dance is the perfect melange of the beats of the body dancing to the tunes and rhythm of music in perfect synchronisation to create harmony within, beautifully expressing itself to the spectator. Lasya, the dance event of IRIS 2017 witnessed 16 wonderful performances by select individuals from 10 colleges in various dance forms such as classical, bollywood, hip-hop, contemporary, liquid popping,  etc.  The event was judged by Mr Rakshit Yadav, a renowned Indian classical artist and Mr Vickey Dubey, an avid YouTuber who specialises in the lyrical hip-hop.
The event also boasted of participation from DID Contestant too.


Gordian Knot:

Gordian Knot, the flagship sales and marketing event of IRIS IIM Indore, gives an opportunity to all the budding managers from the top B-schools of the country to showcase and implement their ‘Kotler Gyan’ and solve real life challenges. Day 1 comprised of 2 rounds divided between the morning and the afternoon slot. It involved a holistic implementation of the marketing concepts with a focussed view on “out-of-the-box” creative thinking. Staying true to its connection with the Greek mythology and the complexity involved in severing the Knot, it promises to be a fun filled ride.

Finance League sponsored by ICICIdirect Centre for Financial Learning


Finance League is the flagship Finance event of Iris.


The first day of the event on campus kicked off at 1 pm with 8 teams. The teams were informed of the 1st round where in the teams had to manage their personal finances through the journey of their lives. The round consisted of three sub rounds and lasted for 3 hours.




Drona, one of the flagship events of Iris, aims to give a glimpse of the MBA life to undergraduate students coming from various colleges all over India.


Day 1 started with 40 students participating in the ice breaker session which tested the mettle of the teams when it came to working cohesively as a group. The second half of the day comprised a session on report writing with a management bent. At 3 pm professor Saripalli Bhavani Shankar, an IIM Indore faculty took a class on Marketing Management for all the participants. The day came to an end at 5 with everyone going to enjoy the rest of the festivities of Iris, only to come back refreshed for Day 2!



Advaita, is the flagship HR event of Iris.

Day 1 began on schedule at 10 am with the 11 teams being briefed about the rounds and the judges for the event. The panel of judges included Mr Karan Barua, HR(Pan India Head-Recruitment)Coffee Day Beverages and members from the Organizational department – Prof. Srinath Jaganathan and Mr Vittal Rangan.


This was followed by recruitment simulation wherein teams were expected to conduct mock interviews for the duration of 15 minutes each and were judged on various parameters ranging from organization person fit to relevance of previous work experience.


The LIVE Consulting event of IRIS, Neetishastra saw participants from major B schools test their abilities wherein each team was sent to an industry to understand what problems each is facing, so they can start working on solving them to the best of their abilities. Some of the industries included Vinfotech, Ace engineering solutions,Shah marketing,Ascent
Future Consumer Ltd.


Beat the Market

Beat the market was another online trading competition whose pre final round was conducted during day 1 of IRIS. It is a sought after event for those who like keeping track of the swing in the market trends and are adept at making stock buying,selling, holding decisions. Participants who cleared the online simulation rounds were invited to compete with the other finalists on day



The pro-night featured Nikhil Chinapa was well-received by a huge audience.

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