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IPM Induction Programme Concludes at IIM Indore

By : Guest on 03 August 2017 E-mail Print Report Abuse

The three day Induction Programme for the youngest batch at the Institute—IPM 2017-22 concluded on August 3, 2017. The third day witnessed a Guest Talk by Mr. SaikatMirta, Director, Trust and Safety, Google. He spoke on the topic—‘Bon Voyage’ which revolved around the theme- a compass to navigate in a dynamic and changing world. Sharing learnings from his experiences, he told the fresh batch that this is the beginning of new journey. He encouraged the students to renew self, reset the goals, unlearn and relearn; and fasten the seatbelts to start a new chapter of life. ‘All the things we did to reach a certain goal or a point—if you keep doing that, you won’t move to the new point. There may be surprises and bumps in the road ahead, but you can always dream big, stay ambitious and try to push the boundaries’, he said. 


Mr. Mitraadvised the students to stay focused and not to get intimidated by the outcome. Do what is right and you will get the best outcome, he said. He concluded mentioning that there might be some changes—ups and downs in the coming years, but always learn to embrace the changes as they are a part of life and keep us reenergized. ‘Fighting change is like fighting against the tide. The sooner the better, and it will be easier for you to adapt to the changes’, he concluded. 


In order to familiarize the new batch with the faculty members, an interaction session was also conducted today. The Induction Programme concluded with a session on –‘Knowing Yourself and Moving Ahead with Self’ conducted by Professor Gopal Mahapatra, Professor Urjani Chakravarty, Professor ShrutiTewari and Professor Srihari Sohani. The session had various activities which focused on self-depiction, projection and exploration.


The three day programme helped the participants get acquainted to the campus, infrastructure, and curriculum; and know their faculty members for the coming five years.

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