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IPM Batch 2019-24 Begins at IIM Indore

By : Guest on 01 August 2019 E-mail Print Report Abuse

The Induction Programme of the Five Year Integrated Programme in Management Batch 2019-24 was held today at IIM Indore on August 01, 2019. The event commenced with the tree plantation by the new batch and faculty members, along with administrative staff.


The event began with the lamp lighting by the guests namely, Ms. Smita Bharadwaj, IAS, MD, MPFC & MD & CEO of Madhya Pradesh Venture Finance Limited and Shweta Naik, Country Coordinator, Jane Goodall’s Root and Shoots India, The Jane Goodall Institute; and Professor Himanshu Rai, Director, IIM Indore.


Professor Rai welcomed the new batch to the campus. He said that the Institute believes not in only imparting the education, but also to spark and fire up the participants’ imagination. He shared ‘Know-Be-Do’ framework and explained how these three tips can help the young minds become successful in life. ‘Always remember why you’re here, what’s your purpose to join IIM Indore’, he said. While explaining the ‘Be’ part, he told the participants to ‘be an ideal student’. He encouraged the participants to always ‘do the right things and for the right reason’. ‘The right decisions may take time to be implemented, may be hard, but at the end you’ll find success and be happy about taking the right decision’, he said.


This was followed by an interesting address by Ms. Smita Bharadwaj, who shared her own experience of training and becoming an IAS. Sharing her learning from her training in Mussoorie Ms. Bharadwaj said—‘Every time you have a doubt about something, speak about it. Get it clarified—for destiny takes you to the right place always. Never worry about what people would say or how they will react, remember to be good human beings’.


She encouraged the new batch to develop not only skills like team work and excel in academics, but also to help everyone become a better person, be supportive and helpful. ‘To become a better person yourself, you have to develop qualities like compassion, caring, empathy and understanding. Learn one to one contact and to share emotions and not to be judgemental. People remember you for your work, but they’ll remember you longer for the way you behave with them’, she said. She concluded her talk encouraging the participants and their parents to take up a social cause—for a good human being always gives something meaningful back to the society.


The next address was by Ms. Shweta Naik, who shared a video by Ms. Jane Goodall. She then raised concerns about scarcity of water in the coming years and motivated the participants to find new ideas to implement water conservation.  ‘The young generation today can and must come up with innovative ideas about how to save water—for our lives would be affected in future without it’, she said. She noted that there are challenges in the environment which need to be taken care of—which if not solved on time may cause problems for humankind.


This was then followed by the Distribution of Certificate of ‘Academic Excellence’ to IPM 2016 batch students by the guests and the Director, IIM Indore. Professor Radha Ladkani, Chair, IPM & Faculty, IIM Indore then gave a brief overview of the IPM to the new batch. This was followed by briefings on Gender Sensitivity by Professor Srinath Jagannathan, Faculty, IIM Indore and address by Col. Gururaj Gopinath Pamidi, CAO, IIM Indore.


The new batch also got an opportunity to interact with Mr. Utsav Thapliyal, Alumni, IPM 2014 Batch. Utsav spoke about his own experience at IIM Indore while pursuing IPM. He encouraged the new batch to fully participate in the vibrant campus life and use it as an opportunity to grow and develop their soft skills. ‘While the world around us is changing very fast, IIM Indore and IPM has evolved a lot since it started, and you, the new batch; should also keep up by understanding the complexities of the world. Stay focused, stay attentive and learn as much as you can from your batch mates as well’, he said.


The day concluded with a Campus Walk for the new batch wherein they got a chance to visit entire campus –a place they would be living their next five years.

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