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IIM Raipur's Prayaas 3.0 Makes Raipur Run for a Cause

By : Guest on 28 December 2018 E-mail Print Report Abuse

IIM Raipur, in association with Intripin, successfully organized the third edition of its flagship marathon, Prayaas 3.0. The marathon was held on Sunday, 23rd December 2018, with a staggering 3,000 runners beating the early morning winter chill to be present. The event kicked off from Telibandha lake and charted an either 11 km or 5 km course depending on the event.


The theme for the run this year was ‘Swasth Bharat’ with the objective being creating awareness regarding personal health and encouraging people to take a greater interest in it.


Bus arrangements were present to pick up participants from all points of the city to facilitate transportation of participants and ensure adherence to the schedule. Kits including t-shirts and bibs were distributed to the registered participants as a memento to flaunt. Ambulance, health check, route markers and volunteers apart from water and glucose were all in place before the start of the marathon to conduct ground operations smoothly while spot registrations were on at multiple registration points to ensure spur of the moment attendees were not denied a chance to be a part of Central India’s largest marathon.


The main guests in attendance included the Mr. Karan Kundra, a model and a stalwart of the small screen who has featured on some of the most popular television on the most popular networks in the country, Shri Sanjay Kumar Alang (IAS), Director, Social Welfare, Chattisgarh, Shri Deepak Soni (IAS), CEO, Zilla Panchayat Raipur, Shri Basavaraju S. (IAS), Collector & DM Raipur, Shri Pramod Dubey, Mayor of Raipur, Mr. Anil Rawat, Founder of Intripin, Mrs. Khushboo Rawat, Director Planning and Coordination at Intripin, Prof. Bharat Bhasker, Director of IIM Raipur and Prof. Parikshit Charan from IIM Raipur. Also in attendance was Mr. Shanmukha Rao Dharmana, who was associated with the Divyang Run. Mr. Dharmana’s participation was particularly inspiring, for despite having lost a limb in an unfortunate accident a few years ago, has not stopped running and has been a part of over 39 marathons since 2014. His presence was an immensely uplifting one and its effect on the other attendees was palpable.


The marathon was inaugurated at 6AM, following which the flagship 11 km run was flagged off amidst thunderous applause, a few minutes after which the 5 km run was also flagged off. Following the 5 km run, the Divyang Run was flagged off. The Divyang Run is an initiative especially intended for differently abled participants keen on being a part of Prayaas 3.0, with races organized for mute as well as visually challenged participants.


Mr. Pukeshwar Lal walked away with the first prize for men in the 11km event while Smt. Tejashwari Sahu won the women’s event. Both were the recipient of a handsome cash prize of INR 25,000. Also finishing on the podium in the women’s category were sisters Smt. Chandrawati Rajwade and Smt. Sonika Rajwade. The Rajwade sisters mentioned how they have been training since a very young age under their coach, a man both sisters highly revere. Smt. Chandrawati, who finished on the podium during Prayaas 2.0 as well, stressed the importance of a deep guru-shishya relationship and how proper guidance can enable a person to scale any summit.


The 5 km event winners were Mr. Deep Patel and Smt. Balmati for men and women respectively, walking away with lucrative cash prizes of INR 20,000 each. The first place in the Divyang Run went to Mr. Siyaram in the mute category and Mr. Rupesh in the visually challenged category both of whom received a glistening trophy and were all smiles upon receiving it.



A notable participant was the 80-year-old Mr. Sarju Prasad Sahoo. Known as the Milkha Singh of Chhatisgarh, Mr. Sahoo participated in the 5 KM race and crossed the finish line beaming with joy. A recipient of multiple gold medals on the national and state levels, Mr. Sahoo upon finishing stressed on the importance of happiness and how there was a direct correlation between it and health, with happiness making it possible for him to run the way he did.


Following the flag off, the starting point became the hub of all activity with a wide variety of events keeping the crowd invigorated. Programmes taking place at the starting point were Zumba, a stand-up comedy routine that left the crowd in splits and dance performances that got the crowd cheering.


The marathon came to a close with all of the luminaries in attendance taking the opportunity to say a few words about the marathon and the cause it stood for. Mr. Kundra lauded the ideology behind the marathon and especially how IIM Raipur was doing its part in creating a healthier India. He talked at length about the importance of staying healthy and its direct impact on productivity and mentioned how heartening it was for him to be a part of an event like Prayaas 3.0. Similarly, Mr. Dharmana gushed about his experience and thanked Team Prayaas, IIM Raipur and Intripin for making it happen. On that note, Mr. Rawat took the opportunity to highlight just how important the success of Prayaas was to the sheer visibility of Raipur, and the myriad tourism opportunities it opened the door to for both Raipur and Chhattisgarh at large. All the guests noted how pleased they were to see the crowd turning up in such huge numbers, and how the sheer audience turnout stood testament to the efficacy of the message Prayaas imparted. The crowd was elated at the end of the marathon as well with most of them emphasizing just how fun it was for them to be a part of Prayaas 3.0.  The runners concluded that while winning is a large part of such events, an equally large part is the enjoyment that is to be had from participating, and Prayaas 3.0 delivered on the latter in spades.

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