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IIM Indore to organize a half-day workshop on Data Science

By : Guest on 16 April 2018 E-mail Print Report Abuse

IIM Indore is organizing a half-day workshop on Data Science on April 19, 2018. Conducted by the mathematicians and statisticians of Organizational Management and Quantitative Techniques Area of the Institute, the workshop would provide a platform to know the recent advancements of business studies and industry. The speakers would also include top honchos of data science from various sectors of industry, to share their views and experiences. Some of the companies include AIG Science, SAS, MIT Online Courseware, Fractal Analytics, Wells Fargo, DSquare Solutions, Fidelity, Zendrive, Vodafone India and AB-InBev Captive.


Data has become a valuable asset to any business. The recent evolution of data storage and computing speed is leading towards a world where smart management would become synonymous to efficient analytics.  The workshop would clarify the doubts about the difference between buzz words like data science, data analytics, business analytics and so on. It would also have a discussions on what’s next in data science for business and details about tools, data analytics industry expects, etc.


The session will concentrate on discussion about analytics as a business domain and as a career option. It will be more of an information session where one can discuss with panelists about data science.

Pre-registration is compulsory and can be done by clicking on the following link: 

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