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IIM Indore's Annual HR Conclave, Prabodhan 2019 - Part 2

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The next session was on the theme—‘People Data: How Far is Too Far’. Professor Mr. Paneesh Rao, CHRO, L&T Technology Services was the first speaker of the session. Discussing about how the data helps in real life, Mr. Rao said that meaningful data requires sound processes. ‘A good data leads to great business decisions, it has to be collected with a purpose and should always be objective’, he said. He noted that 63% of companies are using data from surveys to help business grow and make HR decisions. ‘Organizations today are mobbing from system oriented MIS to AI and algorithm oriented decision making’, he said. He concluded encouraging the gathering to follow and respect every process, not to cross the limits in whatever is been done and always focus on self’s business.


The next talk was by Ms. Dharshana Ramachandran, Lead, Talent Analytics & Strategy, TCS. She discussed about Project Oxygen by Google, which uses data analytics to help development of managers into coaches. She also discussed about ‘People Analytics’ and said that it helps to create a future ready organization, with a high performance culture. Discussing that according to a data collected in a survey, introverts are more influential than extroverts, she said, ‘Considering the soft skills, HR should make people analytics more user friendly—as it won’t be biased based on a person’s behaviour’, she said.


The third speaker for this session was Professor SrinathJagannathan, Faculty, IIM Indore. He shared his views on how technology has evolved and helped in creating digital community. He also discussed about the humanity aspect of the data, and how technology has helped data in democratising opportunities in today’s world. ‘Digital data is playing a very important role today. It not only helps in managing the huge database available, but also helps in creating digital communities in an arranged manner’, he said. He said that technology advancements have helped in creating records which earlier was a difficult task, and with the help of innovative techniques today, we’re able to ensure data safety as well.


This was followed by the final round of a Paper Presentation Competition –held as a part of Prabodhan 2019. The competition had witnessed more than 400 registrations for the case competition, out of which just six teams were shortlisted. These belonged to IIM Bangalore, MDI Gurgaon, FMS Delhi, IMI New Delhi, IIM Lucknow and Goa Institute of Management, Goa. The problem statement for the case was—‘Improving Peer to Peer Lending in India by Taking Reference from International Markets and Recent NBFC Crisis in India’. The teams got 10 minutes each to share their presentation with the judges namely, Professor Manoj Motiani and Professor SaumyaRanjan Das, Faculty members, IIM Indore.


The results are as follows:


First Prize: Team Sharpshooter, IIM Bangalore (Rs. 50,000)


Second Prize: Team Exuberance, MDI Gurgaon (Rs. 25,000)


Third Prize: Team Dreamcatchers, IIM Lucknow (Rs. 15,000)


Fourth- Team Envy Us, FMS Delhi


Fifth & Sixth had a tie- Team Metadors- IMI New Delhi, Team Shooting Stars- Goa Institute of Management Goa and FMS Delhi. (Rs. 5000 each.)


The last panel discussion was on the topic AI & Robotics: Putting Humans in Loop—with panellists Professor Kajari Mukherjee, Faculty, IIM Indore; Mr. UnmeshPawar, Partner, KPMG; Mr. NithinAlkanand, Senior Executive Recruiter, Amazon India; Mr. Manoj Kumar, Founder, Workplaceif. The panellists shared their views on how technological advancements have brought about a change in lives and man and machine confrontation in our routine. Professor Mukherjee noted how practitioners are using AI to help HR managers. ‘However, AI cannot capture the human emotion aspect, as AI is basically based on past patterns and may not be capturing the present contextual relevance in certain cases’, she said. Mr. Pawar said that we need a lot of data to use the AI and ML in HR management effectively. These are enablers for HR functions and they help in identifying future business scenarios.


Mr. Manoj Kumar also noted that machines are not just tools anymore; they are turning into workers—as and when technology is advancing. ‘The life expectancy is increasing—this means more and more years to work, plus having more challenging jobs ahead’, he said.


Mr. Alkanand said that data by nature is unstructured and information is structured data. ‘The key difference between AI and human is objective decision making. AI is human wisdom without emotion. True AI will measure the emotions, but not deploy in its decision’, he concluded.


The day ended on a high note with a Vote of Thanks delivered by the EPGP Batch 2018-19. All the delegates appreciated the efforts put in organizing the conclave at such a huge level.

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