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IIM Indore's Annual HR Conclave, Prabodhan 2019 - Part 1

By : Guest on 11 January 2019 E-mail Print Report Abuse

IIM Indore’s Annual HR Conclave, PRABODHAN 2019 was held on January 11, 2019. Organized by One Year Full Time Post Graduate Programme for Executives (EPGP) Batch 2018-19 and Industry Interface Office in collaboration with NHRDN Mumbai; Prabodhan witnessed stalwarts from several fields sharing their knowledge with the young minds.


Professor Ashish Sadh, Chair, EPGP then welcomed the delegates and the participants. He appreciated the efforts put in by the EPGP Batch 2018-19 in organizing the event. He noted that HR has always been an integral part of every organization and efficient management of HR is the basic factor which helps a company/organization accomplish its goals.


Professor Himanshu Rai, Director, IIM Indore then addressed the gathering. Sharing his own expertise in the HR field, he said that the event Prabodhan is close to his heart. He shared the two major challenges which he believed are bringing about a change in the industries. ‘During this rapid industrialisation, how to make our employees more productive, satisfied, motivated is one factor—but how to make employees more engaged and aligned with the vision, mission and aim of the organization is more challenging’, he said. Speaking about the emergence of technology in day-to-day lives, Professor Rai said that jobs today are replaced by artificial intelligence and computers, and now HR is looking for people who have more information, education, and knowledge in all the fields. ‘When we were young, we could dream and live fearlessly. Today, HR is also looking for those people who are not afraid to dream—and who can get aligned with the company’s values, ethics and mission’, he said.


He concluded his talk saying that HR job is now shifting from not only planning for better leadership successfully, but also building leadership.


This was followed by a Keynote Address by Mr. M T Lakshamanan, Vice President and Head HR- L&T Defence. He began his talk giving a brief introduction about all the speakers. Addressing the participants with work experience, Mr. Lakshmanan said, ‘You all have work experience and knowledge by now, and you’re all working in a good way. But the HR these days looks for persons who not only excel in knowledge and skills, but also humility, adaptability, agility, flexibility and have team spirit. They look forward to hiring persons who have the courage and the ability to act rationally when under pressure’, he said. Noting that schools, colleges, universities and B Schools are the best place to develop strong relationships, Mr. Lakshmanan encouraged the participants to make friends, and put the other person always first—as this helps in strengthening the relations. ‘One can build up to 150 strong relationships in his entire life. You can be in a good relationship only when you’re willing to contribute everything, without expecting anything’, he said.


The first session of the day then began on the theme—‘Careers & Experiences: New Pathways’; wherein two eminent speakers shared their views. The first speaker was Mr. Vasant Sanzgiri, Group Head- HR, ShapoorjiPallonji Group. Sharing the results from Global HR Report by Deloitte published in 2018, Mr. Sanzgiri noted that the skills of future will shift from technical to art based. ‘With time, social skills, relationship building and other soft skills would become more important. It won’t matter from which school or university you bagged a degree from, but your ability to communicate—verbally and in written as well—with people, your behaviour, your personality would matter a lot’, he said. Discussing the recruiting pattern trend in the recent years, Mr. Sanzgiri said that a generalist is more valuable these days rather than a specialist, for the former is more aware of everything around and knows it all, while the latter is an expert in just one particular area.


Mr. PrabirJha, President and Global Chief People Officer, Cipla then shared his views. He encouraged the audience to break free, not to be a prisoner of the past and follow one’s own dream and passion. ‘Do not expect the HR to provide you opportunities while working. Learn quickly, don’t be scared of risks, accept your failures and try to do new things’, he said. He advised the recruiters present in the gathering to hire the people for what they can do, and not for what they have already done. ‘If you’re good, nobody can stop you from achieving your goal. Being a good leader, one needs to understand that leadership is like a pizza of experiences with different toppings. Make your own pizza and be your own brand ambassador. Review your portfolio as you review your investment. Keep updating, every now and then’, he concluded.


The second session of the day was on the theme—‘The Changing Role of the CHRO.’ The speakers for this session included Professor S K Ghosh, Faculty, IIM Indore; Mr. Anil Kumar Misra, CHRO, and Ms. Asha Poluru, Head HR, McAfee India. Professor Ghosh shared his journey of being an HR preacher and asked about the changing role of HR as strategic partners in the corporate world. ‘Today the latest technological evolutions like AI and ML are changing the landscape, bringing a drastic change in the work culture as well. The jobs which humans used to be hired for, are now easily accomplished by a single machine’, he said.


Mr. Anil Kumar Misra then talked about evolution of role of CHRO. Noting how the KRAs have changed in the last 100 years, Mr. Misra said, ‘In the 1920s, the KRAs focused on employee welfare, in the 1970s, the focus shifted to personal management, and in 2018-19, now the KRAs are all about happiness. The corporates have started talking about roles such as Chief Happiness Officer as well’, he said. He said that the KRAs now are hiring talents which are proactive, who strengthen the culture of the organization, create sense of pride amongst employees and create leadership as well.


The second session concluded with a talk by Ms. Asha Poluru, who shared how the new role of the HR should be. Noting that with the change in industry, people have also become multi-skilled and the concept of bulk hiring has become obsolete. ‘It is Important for CHRO to create the right kind of experience for the employees. The definition of loyalty has also changed. It isn't about the tenure a person serves. It's about viewing every employee as a brand ambassador’, she said. 

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