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IIM Indore: Ranbhoomi 2019 - Day 2

By : Guest on 21 January 2019 E-mail Print Report Abuse

With healthy competition between teams intensifying, Ranbhoomi’19 proceeded ahead as day-2 of the fest comes to an end.


The highlight event of Ranbhoomi’19 Day-2 was the Strongman League, a national level event organized under the aegis of MP Strongman Association. The event saw participation from states across India in the events of Farmer’s Walk, Tyre Flip, Front holding and Car Deadlift. Shri Shesh Narayan Tiwari, Chief Superintendent of Police, Indore was the Chief Guest for the event.


In the event of Cricket, we had the teams of Sharda University and LNCT Bhopal beating St. Xavier’s and IIST respectively on DAVV grounds in the quarter-finals. The team from IIST beat SIMS to become the Kabaddi Champions of Ranbhoomi’19. In the event of Basketball, IIM-I home team defeated IIFM and IIT-Indore and the IIM-I girls team defeated VIT Bhopal. Day-2 also saw CTW, Mhow defeating IMT in the event of Volleyball, and ChopadeSaimira beating 35 participants to emerge winner in the Under-13 category Chess event.


In conclusion to the enthralling day-2 of Ranbhoomi’19 was a night of Bonfire and Music, with hosts of informal events including a PUBG tournament and Human Dominoes and Gyro.


We look forward to the final day of Ranbhoomi’19, as teams battle each other out in the finals to become the champions in the sports of Cricket, Basketball, Football, Tennis and Badminton.

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