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IIM Indore: Ranbhoomi 2019 - Day 1

By : Guest on 21 January 2019 E-mail Print Report Abuse

With 1600+ participants in the IIM Indore competing in 35+ events for prizes worth Rs. 2.85 lakhs, Ranbhoomi’19 - the annual sports fest of IPM IIM Indore is afoot.


The day-1 of Ranbhoomi’19 saw a lot of zeal and excitement with the IIST team winning by 7 wickets against IIT-Indore at IIMI grounds and LNCT beating BSSS by 6 wickets, in the closed event of Cricket ( sponsored by Holiday of Dreams).


Barkatullah University team won the first match of Basketball against the IIMI home team, with two points in the lead and the final score standing at 28-26. The matches of Kabaddi and Volleyball followed next with the IIST team winning against Robin Hood and the team from Sharda University beating CTW, to win the round-1 of these closed events. IIT-Indore won the event of Football sponsored by The Man Company against Oriental Group of Institutes.


The day also saw a workshop conducted by SMC Global, one of the leading brokerage firms in India, as a part of the financial literacy initiative of this edition of Ranbhoomi.


In conclusion to the action-packed day-1 of Ranbhoomi’19 was the first of many promised informal events, a thrilling-fun-filled Poker Night sponsored by Adda52, wherein participants came in to try their luck while trying to win a buck, or more accurately prizes worth Rs. 20,000.


We look forward to another eventful day tomorrow, with the next rounds of the sports events.

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