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IIM Indore: Prabodhan Leadership Conclave

By : Guest on 19 February 2018 E-mail Print Report Abuse

The summary of speeches by guest speakers for Prabodhan as received from Prabodhan Team. 

Meenakshi Lekhi

Hon. Member of Parliament, Supreme Court Lawyer and National Spokesperson of BJP

Leadership is all about solving problems, building trust and generating value in any field. Respecting coworkers and opponents equally is an imp. charactr of a leader. 

Malini Gaur
Hon. Mayor of Indore
To reduce the stress of common people through creation of a green and clean city of Indore. Elaborated the many steps that IMC has taken to make Indore garbage free. Door to door garbage collection has been an important component towards achieving this dream. Dustbin free, Litter free and dust free indore is the main objective of the mission clean indore. The city uses waste plastics to make roads. Plastic free city is high on agenda
Waste to energy is being 5planned and the resulting biogas will be used to fuel the city buses. Helpline no. 311 to help residents post complaint about cleanliness and related issues- to be resolved in 24 hrs

Sameer Arora
Chief Marketing Officer, Syntel
Disruption and innovation are the two faces of the same coin. An irreversible change is happening in the market because of emerging technologies such as AI, Cloud, Big Data, IOTand Mobilty. Alibaba, Airbnb, FB and Uber have dramatically changed the industry dynamics. The pace of change scary. Avg lifespan of companie have come down over the yrs

Warun Nayar
Chief Operating Officer, Sciformix
Spoke on adaptive leadership.  There are no rules, there is only a way of being. To be an adaptive leader u need to know every bit of ur people. u should see what ypu cannot see- doing a pre mortem. Leaders should hold against all odds, Trust your people and they will deliver.

Dimple Bawa
Founder, Cheers to Life Foundation
Maintaining good health is a pre condition to being productive. Keeping good physical health together with destressing oneself is essential to help human beings achieve the purpose of life. One needs to accept that there is a weakness in her- only then could we find solution
Accept your emotions and let it flow. Just be yourself and celebrate urself. reflect what you want to see and carry positive attitudes.

Mini Nair
CEO, Essel Finance Home Loans Ltd
Market disruption starts by targeting a segment not served by existing players. 
A lot of innovation has gone into the financial services such Paytm, M Pesa etc
Peer to peer lending happening in india in big way causing a big threat to banks

Bharath Sastry
CEO, Vistaprint
5 things that can change - Role, Industry,Boss, Team and Geography. spoke abt how he had to adapt to his changing outlook as a result of his movement from FMCG to a Startup. One should Renovate before they Innovate Lure of opportunities leads to diversification and complexity and hence a company looses strategic focus. It should be aware of its core. However change is an opportunity and leaders must embrace it

Dheeraj Gangrade
Executive Director, PwC
Spoke on emerging technologies. Waves of Digital Transformation is sweeping across industries. Essential 8 emerging technologies- AI and ML, AR, Blockchain, Drones, IoT, Robots, VR, 3D Printing- will change the business landscape completely.
Industry 4.0 talks about a digital factory that is completely data driven and it is at the core of strategy and operations of industrial companies.
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