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IIM Indore Celebrates 19th Annual Convocation

By : Guest on 29 March 2018 E-mail Print Report Abuse

The Nineteenth Annual Convocation of IIM Indore was held on March 28, 2018. The Pre-Convocation Ceremony took place on March 27, felicitating the Scholarship Achievers and Gold Medalists. The Convocation was graced by Mr. Aditya Ghosh, President and whole-time Director, InterGlobe Aviation Limited (IndiGo Airlines). The details of the graduating students are as follows:













FPM Industry










PGP Mumbai




















The ceremony began with an amazing and colourful convocation procession where the Chief Guest, Board and faculty members of IIM Indore walked through the aisle towards the convocation venue.


Mr. Deepak M. Satwalekar, Chairman, IIM Indore then declared the convocation open. He began his speech congratulating the students for graduating and encouraged them to stay positive for what they have dreamt of. ‘Graduating from IIM Indore is a responsibility for you to maintain the brand name as you all are the ambassadors of the Institute now. After years of discussion regarding the IIM Bill, the IIMs have been able to bring it on, and the Institute has decided to confer degrees to two of our programmes- Two Year Post Graduate Programme in Management and Five Year’s Integrated Programme in Management’, he said. He advised the students not to focus on rewards but on outcomes. ‘Many CEOs are known for power and achieving financial targets, but not much remembered after they step down. Be a leader who not only excels in work, but also contributes to the society as a whole. Grab the opportunities as they come to you’, he said. 


Besides the Scholarships and Awards given to students during the ceremony on March 27; medals for Academic Excellence were presented to the following participants by the Chief Guest:


  • The IIM Indore Gold Medal for Scholastic Performance Rank 1 to Prateek Singh.
  • The IIM Indore Gold Medal for Scholastic Performance Rank 2 to Tanay Shankar.
  • The IIM Indore Gold Medal for Scholastic Performance Rank 3 to  Dautpure Tejashree Pradeep.
  • The IIM Indore Gold Medal for the Best Woman Participant for Scholastic Performance to Dautpure Tejashree Pradeep.


IIM Indore Gold Medals for Scholastic Performance were presented to the IPM participants as per the following details:


  • IIM Indore Gold Medal for Scholastic Performance Rank 1 to Shilpika Ganeriwala.
  • IIM Indore Gold Medal for Scholastic Performance Rank 2 to Dhruv Kansal.
  • IIM Indore Gold Medal for Scholastic Performance Rank 3 to Abhilasha Jas.
  • IIM Indore Gold Medal for the Best Woman Participant for Scholastic Performance to Shilpika Ganeriwala.


IIM Indore Gold Medals for Scholastic Performance were presented to the PGP Mumbai, PGPMX-Mumbai and EPGP participants as per the following details:


  • PGP-Mumbai – Shubham Chhabra
  • PGPMX-Mumbai – Kamayani Aniruddh Nagar
  • EPGP Batch (2017-2018)- Raj Lochon Biswas


This was followed by conferring degrees to the graduating students.


Professor Rishikesha T. Krishnan, Director, IIM Indore then gave the introduction of the Chief Guest and welcomed him to deliver the address.



Mr. Ghosh began his address requesting the graduating students to give a standing ovation to their families, as they’re the ones who made them what they are today. ‘A graduation ceremony is a very special occasion which makes culmination of years of hard work and is acknowledgement of success. It’s not the end of an era, but a hope of long and fulfilling journey toward the dream you all have for yourself’, he said. People when asked about their dreams think of promotions and status, however dreams are something personal, like sending your family to a holiday, ensuring that your parents never have to work again, buying them a car, etc. You don’t dream for the employer you work for, you dream for yourself, to achieve the dream you want, by working every day, he said. ‘So now when you enter the corporate world, think whether this would help you achieve your dream’, he said. Encouraging the students to stay focused and listen to all, he said that there may be people who know nothing of the job you do, but would keep criticizing you. Stay patient and listen to them as they may have something interesting to share. ‘You don’t have to compete with anyone and you have to learn that you’re your own boss. Quit making excuses and believe in yourself. Make sure you do better than what you did yesterday, everyday’, Mr. Ghosh said. 


Mr. Ghosh shared that he started working while he was less than 22 years, with a salary of Rs. 900.  ‘Hard work and putting soul in the work given to us helps us in being successful. Success isn’t earning money or getting promoted. It’s all about the day when 50 years from now when you stand in front of youngsters and their parents, they consider you their role model’, he said. Advising the students to never be scared of failures, Mr. Ghosh said that real life isn’t like school exam which can be taken again if you fail. We don’t have the choice to turn back the clock. But you shouldn’t be afraid of mistakes. If you don’t try, don’t make mistakes, you’ll become stagnant. Do not forget the responsibility on your one shoulder and accountability on another. 


He concluded his address advising the students not to be the prisoner of mark sheets. ‘If you scored high, doesn’t mean you’ll always be success; and if you scored low, doesn’t mean you’ll never achieve success. Look for fountains of knowledge around, and you’ll always be successful’, he concluded. 


Professor Krishnan then addressed the gathering. He noted how for the last several years IIM bill was being discussed and since the bill passed, this marks a new era for all IIMs.Congratulating all the students, Professor Krishnan said that this is a new beginning for not only the students, but also the Institute, which expects them to live up to its expectations with the degree. He concluded his talk thanking all the parents and family members for being there and congratulated the administrative staff as well for their efforts in organizing the event.


The convocation ceremony came to a conclusion with National Anthem. 

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