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IIM Indore: Atharv - Day 2

By : Guest on 09 September 2019 E-mail Print Report Abuse

Atharv is the Cultural, Management and the Literary fest conducted by the students of the Integrated Programme in Management, IIM Indore. Atharv’19 is a three-day affair, scheduled from 6th to 8th September, 2019. The first day of the fest witnessed events like Crescendo, the acoustic music event, Halla Bol, the street play, photography, and videography competitions in the cultural events. The initial rounds of various management events- like HeadhunteR, E-Conjecture, IV Debate, Devil’s Advocate, Vendition Vendetta, Chaitanya and Imperium were held. Mr. Vipul Goyal performed for the participants as Day 1 drew to a close.


Day 2 started with the finals of Vanity, the fashion show, judged by Ms. Sanjana Vij, the Runners’ up of fbb Femina Miss India, 2019. This was followed by Delirium, the battle of bands, the finals of Halla bol, and Permadeath, the LAN Gaming Event.


The final round of the Pi-Quiz was conducted for students of classes 9 to 12 from all over the country. The finals of Avant Garde- the business plan competition, Devil’s Advocate- the mock trial event, Vendition Vendetta- the marketing event were also held. Imperium-the case study event, Chaitanya- the leadership event, E- Conjecture- the economics event, Game of Shadows-the game theory event and Khoj, the journalism event were also conducted on the second day of Atharv.


Various informal events like haunted house, bungee run, archery and paintball were also organised by Atharv’19. A workshop called “Crack the Interview” was also organised for the interested students and participants.


Atharv’19 had a line-up of four artists for their Bollywood EDM Night presented by 9XO Bharat Bass Festival, including DJ Rhea, a Bollywood DJ based in Mumbai, Valy Mo, an international EDM artist from France, who performs in locations all over the world. In addition, the duo, Mr. Singh x Rhythm also performed.


Day 3 is scheduled to hold Bailar and Verve, the dance events, Permadeath, the LAN gaming event, the pop culture and business quizzes, and the finals of the photography and videography competitions. The final rounds of HeadhunteR, Finopoly, the finance event, IV debate, Game of Shadows, Chaitanya and Imperium will be held. Informal events and workshops will also be organised2. The day and the fest will be concluded by the Punjabi Bollywood Night, where singer Mr. Indeep Bakshi will be performing his hits like “Saturday-Saturday” and “Kaala Chashma.”

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