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IIM Indore & IIT Indore to host DHAI Conference 2018

By : Guest on 30 May 2018 E-mail Print Report Abuse

IIM Indore and IIT Indore have joined hands to organize the first edition of the Digital Humanities Alliance of India (DHAI) Conference 2018 on June 1-2, 2018.  


DHAI is an initiative toward organising and facilitating digital practices in arts and humanities scholarship in India, both within and beyond academic institutes.


The conference would see participation from more than 50 national and international delegates. The DHAI 2018 Conference would also be welcoming three distinguished keynote speakers who would share their insights on various topics that speak to the importance of re-configuring humanities methods and concerns to address digital objects of study, and of making digital methods to study objects of humanities practices. 


The speakers include Professor Paul Arthur, Chair, Digital Humanities and Director, Global Studies Centre, Edith Cowan University, Perth Australia; Professor Chaz Evans, Department of Communication, Northwestern University and Director of Exhibitions and Programs of Video Game Art (VGA) Gallery and Ms. P. P. Sneha, Digital Humanities Practitioner, Centre for Internet and Society (CIS), Bengaluru, India. 


Apart from various panels and keynote speeches, the participants would also get a chance to interact with the distinguished delegates and experts on various topics like Digital Pedagogy, Digital Literacy, New Knowledge Archives, Cultural Heritage Work, Digital Genealogies, The Role of Digital in Social Justice in South Asia, etc. 


The organizers look forward to hosting a landmark event. 

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