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i5 Summit 2019: IIM Indore - Day 2

By : Guest on 19 August 2019 E-mail Print Report Abuse

The last two days at IIM Indore were exciting, enthusiastic and full of innovative ideas - i5 Summit, Central India’s largest Entrepreneurship Summit, was conducted here. Organized by IIM Indore and IIT Indore, the Summit saw a footfall of more than 3000, with 15 start-ups presenting their ideas to investors. The second day of the Summit began with the flagship event GetFunded, which provided a platform to budding entrepreneurs to present their ideas to angel investors and also learn from their experiences.


The investor line-up was adorned with some of the greatest stalwarts in the space. Mr. Vikas Sarda(Unitus Capital),Vinayak Nath(Venture Catalysts), Sparsh Kumar(unicorn Ventures),Sanjay Kiran Enishetty (50kVentures),Rohit Krishna (weventures), Sonal Sharda(3one4 Capital,Amit Pamnami (CIO,Rethinkers Accelerator),Amit Kumar Chaudhary(Upaya Social Ventures),Capt. Salim(Ex-Sayaji, Indore currently funding Piano Project & Burger Singh) and Kanak Kothari.


The budding entrepreneurs came up with some of the most unique ideas. Indore Artist is a platform for onboarding artists & talents across genres & cities to help them showcase their work, gain recognition and have access to opportunities to earn. Arunabh is a CSR initiative school for differently abled learners which tries to identify kids with Special needs at an early stage, have intervention Programs and an outreach using the Anganwadi’s to bridge the learning gap. Upvaas is a revolutionary niche food start-up providing a varied range of gluten free, fresh and healthy options for people who are fasting. A lot of ideas were presented in the educational space. iMentor is a Ed-Tech start-up in the Digital Citizenship and Internet maturity domain which is targeted towards educating teens about cyber bullying, plagiarism, social disorientation and similar problems faced while accessing internet resources.Tutor247 is a personal mentorship start-up with online doubt solving capabilities where students can post their written doubts and get instant audio solutions to their problems from India’s Top Educators. QikMe, a versatile comprehensive software providing an innovative solution to the student community. It has a student portal called Adda where students across the country share information and notes. Scool., an experience based learning platform where hand-picked  mentees & mentors are connected for live learning in verticals like vocational trainings, AI, robotics, AR, VR and many more.


A workshop was hosted by “Digital Gurukul” on the topic"Digital Marketing in Politics". It was an interactive session on how digital media is an extremely effective tool for political parties in today's world. Discussions revolving around the use of effective and efficient digital marketing techniques to influence large masses were carried out.


The Summit facilitated further discussion in Chai Pe Charcha as investors showed keen interest and engaged in deeper conversation with startups.


The second half of the day witnessed more speakers from the Speaker Series lineup.Mr. Kunj Sanghvi – Co-Founder, talked about how he came up with the idea of Inside IIM with a college friend proving a complete platform for everyone in the B-school ecosystem starting with B-School aspirants to top-notch recruiters.He talked about his love for storytelling and wanting to add value by giving the example of his book “Pehla Kadam” which explained the boring financial concepts using famous instance from bollywood movies.He concluded with the message of “making an impact through your work” while leaving ego aside and having a die-hard attitude towards your business idea while having a good time.


The event continued with the quizzing expert Mr. Giri Balasubramanium – Founder & CEO, GreyCaps. He  shared lessons from his 15 year experience of starting up in the quizzing space at the time KBC came into picture and “dotcoms became dotgones” asking the entrepreneurs to “expect the unexpected” and also “accept the unexpected” in order to stay on your path to business success. He also stated that “money should never be the driver of your business” emphasizing that great ideas are what make businesses great. He also talked about how “your salespeople are your best VC’s” and funding should only be taken at the stage when you are in the demanding position.After their speeches, there was a Q&A session where they answered questions put up by the audience.


The two-day event concluded with a closing talk by Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder of Droom and Shopclues.. He emphasised the importance of e-commerce in today’s world. He talked  about how the country has produced local heroes to whom our Indian consumers can relate to ranging from Binny Bansal to Vijay Shekhar Sharma. They created the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. He shared his journey and learnings leading to the founding of Shopclues and Droom.  He spoke about how he developed an entrepreneurial zeal even after working for 12 years in 7 different companies. He concluded the session with the keynote learning that there is no age for becoming an entrepreneur.


The i5 Summit came to an end with all the participants enriched and inspired. 

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