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Hero Ranbhoomi Impact League 2018: IIM Indore

By : Guest on 25 January 2018 E-mail Print Report Abuse

The Hero Ranbhoomi impact league was a charity donation Walkathon event that lasted 40 days. The Impact app is an app that tracks the distance you walk, jog or run using GPS, and donates Rs. 10 per km you ask. The impact league was an inter-college league, where the college that donated most money to charity won the league and a memento.

This year's Ranbhoomi impact league in collaboration with Hero raised Rs. 3,51, 287 for charity through the app. Over 40 colleges participated in the event and the college that made the highest contribution was IIT Madras, with a total of Rs. 35,838. A lucky winner from top 50 was also chosen - Bhavya Khurana from IIM Indore, who will be awarded a Hero Bike.

Other than this, the impact captain - Aniket Kumar, from MIT Manipal was also awarded a Hero Bike for having the most number of participants from a single college. All impact captains were given a memento for their hard work and all participants were a participation certificate stating the amount they donated. Overall, the league was a great success and a wonderful addition to Ranbhoomi, the undergraduate sports fest of IIM Indore.

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