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Guest Talk on Cyber Security Held at IIM Indore

By : Guest on 22 January 2018 E-mail Print Report Abuse

With an objective to create awareness regarding cyber-crimes and cyber security, a guest talk was held at the Institute on January 22, 2018. The speaker for the talk was Mr. Jitendra Singh, SP, Cyber Security Cell. He was accompanied by his team members from the cyber security cell, who also shared their contact numbers with the gathering and explained various preventive measures against cyberstalking, specifically for women.


Mr. Singh spoke on the topic—‘Facets of Cyber Crime’ and noted that with the advancement in technology and number of mobile users increasing, the number of crimes have also increased. Mentioning that people from all the segments of the society have been victims of fraud in one or the other manner, he then screened a video to explain the complexity of cyber-crime and challenges faced. He also spoke of what is cyber-crime and how it is defined.


Sharing facts and figures related to cyber-crime, Mr. Singh mentioned that one cyber-crime is reported in every 12 minutes in our country, and nearly 51,000 cyber security attacks were observed in the country in the year 2016. Talking specifically about Indore, Mr. Singh noted that majority of the complaints were related to card frauds; followed by complaints regarding fake ID, and the restrelated to job frauds and matrimonial site frauds and email hacking.


He then discussed various case studies and explained how cyber-crime in different forms has affected the citizens.He also mentioned about various challenges in cyber-crime including ransom ware, bitcoin wallets, proxy and spoofed id frauds, darknet and internet backing frauds, etc.


He concluded his talk mentioning that having proper screen locks on phones, proper passwords for laptops and email ids is extremely important and not to be shared with anyone. This was followed by a Q&A session.


The talk was very fruitful in learning about various forms of cyber-crime and knowing how to stay aware and prevent being victims to these crimes. The talk was attended by the students, staff and faculty of the Institute.

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