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Footprints - The flagship annual alumni meet of IIM Indore

By : Guest on 18 November 2019 E-mail Print Report Abuse

Footprints, the flagship annual alumni meet of IIM Indore, commenced with great vigour and enthusiasm on 15th November, 2019. A ‘Cultural Night’ was scheduled on 16th November, Day 2, of Footprints. The event started with melodious performances by Harmon-I, the Music Society of IIM Indore. They enthralled the audience with their soulful singing. This was followed by an energetic performance by Vibes- the Dance Society of IIM Indore. The evening also witnessed spontaneous yet beautiful performances by some of the alums. They kept the crowd entertained.


The third day of Footprints, 17th Nov took off to a sweet start with a cake cutting ceremony organized for the special occasion. The alumni belonging to the senior-most batch did the honours of cutting the cake and the room was buzzing with energy as old friends met once again. In the faculty-alumni brunch that followed, conversations hit off without a beat lost. Stories and anecdotes were shared, brains stormed and advice sought. 


The Annual Entrepreneurship Meet (AEM) was scheduled on Day 3. The third edition of the meet, organised by E-cell in association with Alumni Committee, aimed at fostering a culture of entrepreneurship in the institute. An informal interactive session was held on Sunday afternoon, with the speaker Abhijeet Singh, PGP of 2014 batch, CEO and partner in Nineten- a business wing of Endohaveli. Endohaveli is a Facebook group of 47000 dynamic dentists. Also, Abhijeet is International Certified Business and Executive Coach (Affiliated to Certified Coaches Alliance, Canada). He was joined by Dr Rahul Bisht, a young creative mind from KGMC, a dentist by profession and Founder of Endohaveli. They shared what inspired them and how they tackle the daily ordeals that one comes across as a "founder". Added to that, discussion also revolved around how various industry dynamics playout for the start-ups.

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