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Expert Talks on Psychology Conducted on the Second Day of IPM Induction

By : Guest on 03 August 2017 E-mail Print Report Abuse

The seventh batch of Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) began yesterday at IIM Indore. The second day of Induction Programme began with a session on disability by Ms. Rama Chari. This was followed by a talk on ‘The Life Ahead’ by Dr. Sameer Golwelkar and Dr. Sonia Golwelkar (Consulting Psychologists). Dr. Golwelkar began his talk mentioning that the young minds are like the fresh soil ready to cultivate. These students would be leading various organizations in the coming years and their effective skills would depend on the seeds sown at this time. Discussing the difference between living and surviving, Dr. Golwelkar noted that we need to develop a bridge between our skills and compassion which would help enjoy life to the fullest. He also discussed how to look inside oneself, deal with self, add value to our character, address head-heart conflicts, understand human relationship and develop as a whole.


The participants also attended counselling sessions by Ms. Prachi Agarwal, Counsellor, IIM Indore.


The highlight of the day was a talk by Mr. AshwaniDahiya, Global Chief Talent Officer and Head of HR (Corporate), Cipla. He spoke on the topic—‘The Importance of Positive Psychology and Resilience in Today’s Challenging Times’. Mr. Dahiya while mentioning some facts and figures said that ‘Studies state that around 37 percent of people working in corporate sector are energized. But if a person is negative, chances of attaining success drop by 38 percent as compared to a positive person’. He explained how having no disease doesn’t exactly means being healthy, and absence of happiness doesn’t mean a person is unhappy. ‘Negative thoughts cause mental sickness, drain energy and affect daily life. Compared to a positive person, a negative person suffering from common cold may take one week longer to recover. The negative thought process can also be genetic, but it can be controlled up to 50-60 percent’, he said. He encouraged the participants to keep the energy level high with positive thoughts by—‘P.E.R.M.A.’, i.e. developing ‘Positive’ Emotions, being focused and involved i.e. ‘Engagement’; looking for positivity in ‘Relationships’; finding the ‘Meaning’ of life and trying to value the ‘Achievements’. Noting that energy is always 4 dimensional, Mr. Dahiya advised the participants to be physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused and spiritually aligned—which would help them become a better person and be successful in life.


The day concluded with briefings on Safety, Security, Library, Gender Sensitivityand Facilities and Systems of the Institute to familiarize the participants. A briefing on Government of India directive on Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging also took place.


The third day of the induction programme would witness an interactive session with Mr. SaikatMitra, Director, Trust and Safety, Google.  

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