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EPGP Batch 11 Begins at IIM Indore

By : Guest on 22 April 2019 E-mail Print Report Abuse

The induction programme for the 11th batch of One Year Full Time Residential Post Graduate Programme for Executives (EPGP) began at IIM Indore on April 22, 2019. The inauguration witnessed the gracious presence of Mr. Siddharth Sethi, Co-Founder, InfoBeans (also an alum of IIM Indore) as the Chief Guest along with Professor Himanshu Rai, Director, IIM Indore. A total of 43 participants have registered in the programme.


The event commenced with lighting of the lamp by Mr. Sethi, Professor Rai and a few participants. Professor Ashish Sadh, Faculty, IIM Indore then welcomed the participants.


Sharing a concept of three P’s, Professor Rai spoke about the importance of Purpose, Passion and Perseverance in our lives. ‘Always have a purpose in life, and know why you’re doing a particular thing and what purpose does it serve. If you don’t have any purpose, whatever you’re doing doesn’t even matter—-and it may be of no use either’, he said. He noted that IIM Indore has a purpose of remaining contextually relevant, providing world class facilities to the students and remaining socially conscious. 


Speaking about passion, Professor Rai advised the participants to remain passionate about everything in life—be it class, family, profession or personal life. He advised them to also remain passionate about learning from the peers and people around. He said that perseverance plays a very important role in life and getting into EPGP might have been easy, but going through this might be tough and require a lot of hard work. ‘Make the best use of your time and learn as much as possible from the coming one year’, he said. 


This was followed by an address by Mr.Sethi. He noted that one should always keep learning and have a bigger purpose in life. Sharing his own experience while working with InfoBeans, Mr. Sethi said, ‘When we realised that our company needs a bigger purpose, we decided to provide an better work environment and value added employment opportunities—and that became our purpose’. Sharing his practical experiences while pursuing EPGP, Mr. Sethi advised the participants to make the learning easy and enjoyable. ‘You’ve the luxury of already knowing how failure means and what is success—and now you’ve got the time to ideate your dreams and even validate them while studying here’, he said. He encouraged the participants to always remain positive and not worry about just self, but also about people around. ‘Don’t worry about just your own job, but start thinking about creating value added jobs. Don’t just think about adding another room to your own house, but also plan and help your colleague to buy a house on your trust. Contribute to the society—that will make you a better person’, he said.


The first session of the induction programme concluded with a Q&A wherein the new participants got an opportunity to interact with the faculty members. The second session witnessed briefings about the IT structure, Sports Infrastructure, Library and Hostel and Student Affairs in the Institute. 

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