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Comments on DHFL, NIIT IFBI and NIIT University enter into a tripartite MoU to offer one-year Post Graduate Program in Financial Services



Wrote on 18 May 2015

Financial Services training by DHFL in Housing Sector is a great potential for the learners as Housing is a quest for every individual. Students must make use of this program for their own life and also be a useful help to the future generation to induce an interest to acquire their own housing with their own earned money. Simply called Pay as you Earn just like your taxes housing EMI should also be bargained. It was a simple conversation in an Interview when the employer offered a bargained low salary the prospective employee openly said your salary is not even enough to dress for office. This kind of challenge is required in India to bargain for your Pay-packet asking a question for Housing besides your salary. The dignitaries from Housing, Finance Sector, HR and NIIT is a good team to impart knowledge. Good Wishes.

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