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Economic policy of Nehru, Indira flawed: Chidambaram

Finance Minister P Chidambaram has criticised the economic policies pursued by prime ministers Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi for being marked by gradualism and modest outcomes in the first three decades of Congress rule in the country On the eco ...

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Brain drain to slow in India through better pay and jobs

The trend of brain drain in India is slowing down with Indian companies giving out higher salaries Even the amount of maturity which has creped into the market is also helping the country to gain hold of the skilled labor thus checking on the tendenc ...

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An interactive session on "How to prepare for the new Corporate World"

CHANDIGARH An interactive session was organized by Aryans Business School ABS at the campus on Friday in which around 120 MBA students participated The key note speaker on the occasion was renowned Management Guru Prof S P Singh Former Chairman UBS P ...

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Subprime crises:what it means,why Big Firms sank?

These days friends you are reading headline that companies in financial sector daily sinking and filing application for bankruptcy and these companies are not like a vijay di hatti or small companies they have status of one of the first 100 in world ...

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Banks' collapse to affect campus hiring at IITs, IIMs

Collapse of the two financial firms Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch has dealt a nasty blow to the country s leading academic institutions like Indian Institutes of Management IIMs and Indian Institutes of Technology IITs as the above said banks wer ...

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Indian firms among top paying ones

India has become one of the top countries in the world where employee compensation package is quite huge Salaries in the country are expected to increase by 16 percent in the next year The hike will be one of the highest in the Asia pacific region sa ...

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Salary in manufacturing catching up with IT

In terms employee compensation the manufacturing sector is fast catching up with IT sector However currently average salary received by an IT employee is almost double that received by an employee in a manufacturing firm Firms engaged in manufacturin ...

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HP's 24,600 job cut gives shock to Wall Street

Hewlett Packard s size of the job cuts 24 600 jobs over the next three years nearly eight percent of HP s work force of 320 000 employee was a shock to Wall Street The surprise could provide a lift for Palo Alto based HP s stock price Tuesday because ...

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Manufacturing key to India's economic growth: British academic

Indian born British engineer academic and government adviser Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya Monday warned that India cannot sit on the laurels of its service industry and has to ramp up its manufacturing sector to keep its position in the global economy Sp ...

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400 Indian brains behind Intel's six core processor

400 engineers in world s largest chip maker Intel s center in Bangalore developed Intel Xeon 7400 series processor named as Dunnington which is Intel s first six core microprocessor The Xeon 7400 series is the first chip credited to come out of Intel ...

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