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Day 2 of Utsaha (Rural) of IIM Indore

By : Guest on 15 November 2019 E-mail Print Report Abuse

Utsaha, the annual marketing fest of Indian Institute of Management started on 11th November with Mrs. Kavita Patidar alongside Prof. Abhishek Mishra, head of Industry Interface Office, IIM Indore addressing the crowd. The 11th edition that happened in Janapav Kuti alongside the Kartik Purnima Mela, attracted an enthusiastic crowd and was a grand success.


This year, Team Utsaha partnered with FICCI, Prataap Snacks, TATA Motors, Cream Bell, Pepsico. The Title Sponsor is Yellow Diamond in association with Yono SBI.


Day One of Utsaha, November 11th, saw a crowd of around 15,000, while the second day being Kartik Purnima, the event witnessed an enthusiastic crowd of around 22000+. Day two happened on November 12th, where the crowd was more than interested to participate in the activities.The fest also attracted the attention of 94.3 Radio My FM’s “Hindustan” show.


The fest focuses on disguised marketing. Consumer insights from the rural set up is discerned using various interesting activities. The fest attendees were enthralled by the various games such as darts, ping pong, etc which were interspersed between the various stalls doing disguised marketing research, which were designed to understand their preferences, their interests and demography. This information is used to understand how people from rural backgrounds perceive products, companies, and brands. "The colors and the festivities is what contributes to major participation of folks of all age during the fest", the organisers explained.

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