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Chief Economic Adviser visits IIM Indore

By : Guest on 07 July 2018 E-mail Print Report Abuse

The IIM Indore fraternity was proud to host the honourable Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India, Mr. Arvind Subramanian at the institute today. The venerable economist was here to interact with students and share his views on some of the major economic decisions that were taken during his term.


Mr Subramanian, who is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and hence part of the IIM fraternity, was given a warm welcome by the Director of the Institute, Professor Rishikesha T. Krishnan. He mentioned how the CEA was deeply admired by his batchmates who looked up to Mr Subramanian. Mr Arvind Subramanian is an alma mater of St Stephen's College, Delhi where he read for a bachelors in economics. He then proceeded to earn an MBA from the xIndian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and M.Phil and D.Phil degrees from the University of Oxford on an Inlaks Scholarship. 



The CEA, who is soon going to relinquish his post after three weeks, talked about the economic-political paradigm followed by the Western countries and East Asian countries during their development process, and contrasted the Indian development model in terms of being democracy during its development process. He talked about the changing face of India Economy and the reforms undertaken in the recent years. He answered questions related to Universal Basic Income, agricultural reforms, GST, trade wars, education, demography, and other issues. He highlighted the role of GST in creating a Pan-India market and fostering cooperative federalism. He emphasized the need for progressive taxation structure where rich pay their fair share, and underlined the importance of direct taxation in improving the citizen-state relationship through accountability. 


The entire address by Mr Subramaniam was not only informative but also engaging thanks to the dash of humour added by the CEA every now and then. He also surprised the students of IIM Indore by visiting them during one of their lectures and happily posing for photographs.

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