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Atharv 2017 held at IIM Indore

By : Guest on 07 September 2017 E-mail Print Report Abuse

Atharv, the Cultural, Management and Literary fest of IPM, IIM Indore, is back for its fourth edition. With a Pro Night and a Comedy Night featuring some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, 30+ events, and a footfall crossing 20,000, Atharv ’17- An Animate Affair, taking place on 8th,9th and 10th September, promises to be an unforgettable event.


The theme for the fest this year is one that’s close to the heart of everyone – comics. Whether you grew up reading Chacha Chaudhary or you are an avid collector of Batman comics, whether you swear by Spider-Man or Wonder Woman is your hero, expect all of your favourite characters to come together at Atharv for some epic escapades!


This year, Atharv will have 2 of India’s most loved DJs – Teri Miko and Zaeden - for the Pro Night and Rahul Subramanian for the Comedy Night. Teri Miko is unquestionably one of the most in demand and popular DJs today. Zaeden is one of the most exciting and talented young artists to come out of India in recent years. Rahul Subramanian is one of India’s leading stand-up comics, and his show is sure to be a riot of laughter and mirth.



The diversity of events on offer at Atharv is staggering. Cultural, management and literary, informal – there’s an event for everyone.


The cultural events such as music and dance competitions and a fashion show provide a stage for all the artists to let their talents soar. The multitude of events, including a street play event, a photography event, and a LAN gaming event ensure that no one’s talent remains in the dark.


Management and literary events look to encourage the budding managers and entrepreneurs to put on their thinking caps. With a British parliamentary debate, a marketing event and a HR event being only a few of them, the management and literary events will provide a great platform for everyone to flex their intellectual muscles.


Also, there will be lots of fun activities and games to take a break from the intense competition every day. Informal events including paintball and a quirky photobooth will ensure a gala time for all.


Atharv is the biggest fest in central India for a reason. Following tradition, Atharv ’17 - An Animate Affair is all set to live up to the legacy and shine as an exceptionally special experience.

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