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Atharv 2017 concluded at IIM Indore

By : Guest on 11 September 2017 E-mail Print Report Abuse

Atharv – An Animate Affair, the annual fest of IIM Indore’s five-year Integrated Programme in Management came to an end on the 10th of September. This three-day affair ended with the students and participants dancing into the wee hours to the beats of Zaeden and Teri Miko. As promised, it ended on a high note.


Over 10,000+ applications from talents all around the country were received and only 1500 made it to the campus rounds after an intense battle of talent, wit, skill, and knowledge. Atharv, apart from the amazing cultural events, was also a host of many management and literary events.


The Pi Quiz had teams from all over the country. This battle of spontaneity, wit, and knowledge included questions ranging from general knowledge to current affairs to a wide range of topics.


The flagship event of Atharv ’17, GRE Game of Shadows, a game theory event, was highly popular among the participants. Around 550 participants took part in this event.


Along with this, there were many other events such as Vendition Vendetta, which was based on marketing and sales, The Inter Varsity Debate, which was the British Parliamentary debate event; Finopoly, the mock trading/ finance event, and Imperium, the case study and strategy event witnessed their final rounds.



Workshops such as Paperless Postcards were also held on the final day of the fest. The workshop focused on digital media and content writing. It was a great aide to aspiring writers.


Informal events such as Human Foosball, Paint Ball, Haunted House, Whack the Sack, and Dominoes were also conducted over the course of three days. These events kept up the participants throughout the day and made sure there was never a lack of entertainment.


On the cultural front, Atharv’17 featured an event called Crescendo, an acoustic music event.The event saw a lot of enthusiastic participation. By the end of the event, the audience were charmed and wished that the event had lasted longer. Vaudeville, the talent hunt, also received a lot of praise. With participants showcasing their talents in the field of dance, music, and drama, the event was filled with entertainment.


The fest was also a host to Vignette, the film making event. Additionally, there was also a stunt show by TVS which focused on this year’s theme of animation. The stunt show was a huge hit asthe death-defying stunts mesmerized the crowd.


The EDM night saw opening acts by Paranox and Bass Pundits followed by the main acts ofZaeden and Teri Meko, both of which became highly popular among the attendees. This event ended in high spirits with all the students and participants dancing to the music.


Just as expected, Atharv made these three days memorable to everyone who attended. Not only were the participants involved in a battle of wits and knowledge but they were also a part of all the informal activities. Atharv hopes to grow in the next year and get better in the years to come. 

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