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An insight into Atharv 2017 conducted at IIM Indore

By : Guest on 11 September 2017 E-mail Print Report Abuse

Atharv - An Animate Affair, the largest fest in central India, witnessed its day two on the 9th of September. Much like the previous day, a large number of management, literary and cultural events were held. Ranging from debates to workshops and a multitude of competitions, Atharv gave a platform to many to showcase their talent. Day 2 of the fest culminated with an amazing comedy night.


The day saw the second rounds of literary and management events such as the Inter Varsity Debate, Game of Shadows (the game theory event), Finopoly (the finance event), Vendition Vendetta (the marketing event), Imperium (the case study and strategy event), Avant Garde (the B-Plan event), and Devil’s Advocate (the law event). 


A variety of workshops were held over the course of the day as well. Kick starting the line of workshops was The Anonymous Writer Workshop. Mr Abhijit Chakvarty, the brain behind the brand, was joined by his team for this event. The workshop gave useful insights into creative writing and writing impactful micro-fiction.


Next in line was the StartUp India Workshop which focused the benefits of StartUp India scheme by the Government. Further, the Bitcoin Workshop was conducted which was regarding the crypto currencies and the future trends in the fin-tech market. Lastly, a wall painting workshop was held as well. Students were guided and taught about this skill and a wall in the campus was painted by the participants.

Further, the day also witnessed a range of cultural events. In fact, the cultural events began as early as one in the morning with the Poker Night. The Poker Night, though held in the late night, saw a large amount of participation. The participants’ faces spoke volumes and they had the night of entertainment they were promised.



Additionally, events such as Permadeath (the LAN gaming event), Hallabol (the street play competition), Clash of Cults (the pop culture quiz), Bailar (the solo and duet dance competition), Vaudeville (the talent hunt event), and the highlight event: the comedy night also added to the fun quotient.


As a part of the Pro Shows that are conducted every year, this time Atharv played host to Mr Rahul Subramanian. Rahul Subramanian has been a name that is constantly on the rise in Indian stand-up scenario. 


The comedy night had a full house with people taking up every space they could. He was received by the audience in high spirits and by the end, the audience was glad they did not miss it. The show ended up being a laugh riot with the audience having had a time of their life.


The day to come, the last day of this animate affair, has more in store for the attendees. The final rounds of all above-mentioned events will take place on the third day. Additionally, the business quiz, Pragnya will also be held tomorrow. The fest promises to end on a high note with an EDM Night which will see Zaeden and Teri Miko making an appearance.

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