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AISFA International Animation Day celebration held in Indore in association with Ranbhoomi'18

By : Guest on 11 December 2017 E-mail Print Report Abuse

On the occasion of International Animation Day, 2017, Asifa India’s Indore chapter held an event on the 8th of December.


This event held in the Anandmai Auditorium of the city had some very famous personalities showcasing their skill in front of a very interested audience.


Pete Draper, the co-founder of Makuta Studios which handled the VFX department of Bahubali 2- the conclusion held an interactive session about the making of the movie and the various methods they used to make the scenes of the movie look realistic on screen.


In addition to this, Dilip Verma of the Cirqus studio also held a workshop on how to create photo-realistic characters and also had a presentation on 3D environment which left the audience enthralled.


This event was held in association with Zee Institute of Creative Art, Ranbhhomi ‘18- the undergraduate sports fest of IIM Indore and Arena Animation, Indore.

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