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An interactive session with the Vice President marketing at Havells

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On Saturday, Mr.Amit Tiwari, Vice President Marketing at Havells India Ltd,addressed the students of MICA. The agenda of the talk was “Transforming Trends in Marketing”. Mr. Tiwari believes that there are three concepts that one needs to employ in life to succeed that are relevant in all fields which are the 3T’s namely ‘Thinking, Thought and Theories’.


He commenced his talk by drawing attention to the emerging trends in marketing and the need to understand consumers better. He explained that a marketer should always talk in the language of numbers and not data. He spoke about the importance of consumer insights and that a lot of insights could be obtained by having a simple conversation as a friend and not a marketer. He said that “If one differentiates between a marketer and consumer, one won’t get 100% true consumer insights”. He emphasized on the increased engagement and participation of consumers while making decisions about their purchases and their interaction with brands.


He engaged in an interactive session with the students and focussed on the importance of changing marketing trends amidst the changing realities, varied consumer needs, upcoming technologies and with the emergence of the digital world.He also spoke about the importance of design thinking and its relevance in marketing.


“The most successful brands will not just be different, more meaningful or salient to a customer, but a blend of all three”said Mr. Tiwari.  It is interesting to note how he mentioned that brands conduct predictive analysis to ascertain the relationship frequency of the consumer with the brand.


His parting words were “Principles remain, practices change”.The session concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. VaneetChhibber, Professor and Associate Director, Marketing and External Relations, MICA.


About MICA

Established in 1991, MICA is the first residential institute in the country and perhaps in the Asia-Pacific region, dedicated to creating Leadership in Strategic Marketing and Communication. 

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