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MS Project 2013

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  • Total Video Duration: 7.73hr+
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MS Project 2013

MS Project 2013 by Yoda Learning

Subject Name Faculty Subject Length
SECTION 1: Getting Started
  • A. Course Overview
  • B. MS Project 2013 Features
  • C. MS Project 2013 Edition
  • D. MS Project 2013 New Interface
Yoda Learning 16 mins
SECTION 2: Working with the Project
  • A. Using the Ribbon
  • B. BackStage View
  • C. Working with the Commands
Yoda Learning 23 mins
SECTION 3: Setting up the Project Files
  • A. Creating and saving the Projects
  • B. Creating Projects using Templates
  • C. Importing the Excel Workbook to Project
  • D. Working with the Calendars
  • E. Defining the working and the non-working time
  • F. Setting the basic options
Yoda Learning 46 mins
SECTION 4: Creating Tasks
  • A. Understanding the difference between the manual and auto-scheduling
  • B. Creating a Manual Task
  • C. Creating an Auto-Schedule
  • D. Switch Modes
  • E. Adding a Recurring Tasks
  • F. Copying Data
  • G. Creating a Summary Task
  • H. Displaying the Summary Tasks
  • I. Organizing the Tasks in the Task List
  • J. Assigning WBS Codes
Yoda Learning 57 mins
SECTION 5: Linking and Timing Tasks
  • A. Linking the Tasks
  • B. Task Lags
  • C. Date Constraint
  • D. View the Tasks and Task Links
Yoda Learning 28 mins
SECTION 6: Creating Resources
  • A. Understanding Resources
  • B. Creating Work Resources
  • C. Creating Material Resource
  • D. Setting up costs for work and material resources
  • E. Cost Resource
Yoda Learning 31 mins
SECTION 7: Assigning Tasks to the Resources
  • A. Duration,Work and Units
  • B. Assigning resources to the tasks
  • C. Using Team Planner to assign resouces
  • D. Finding Over Allocation
  • E. Effort-Driven
  • F. Peak
  • G. Replacing resources on the task
Yoda Learning 38 mins
SECTION 8: Working with the Views
  • A. Choosing the view
  • B. Working with the Table
  • C. Inserting and rearranging the Table columns
  • D. Changing the Settings of the Columns in a Table
  • E. Displaying the Two windows at the same time
  • F. Using the Time Line View
  • G. Sorting
  • H. Grouping
  • I. Filtering
  • J. Task Bar
  • K. Task Layout
  • L. Task Text
Yoda Learning 76 mins
SECTION 9: Fine-Tuning the Project Schedule
  • A. Critical Paths
  • B. Task Inspector
  • C. Split the Task
  • D. Delaying a task or assignment
  • E. Adjusting a work counter
  • F. Leveling Resources
  • G. Inactivating a Task
Yoda Learning 34 mins
SECTION 10:Tracking and Managing a Project
  • A. Understanding Baselines,Scheduled and actual values
  • B. Saving and clearing a baseline
  • C. Adding a Tasks to a baseline
  • D. Updating the schedule
  • E. Assigning overtime
  • F. Updating the costs
  • G. Rescheduling unfinished work
Yoda Learning 48 mins
SECTION 11: Viewing and Reporting Project Information
  • A. Viewing project schedule status
  • B. Looking for schedule progress problems
  • C. Looking for cost problems
  • D. Working with graphical reports
  • E. Using Earned Values
  • F. Printing views and reports
Yoda Learning 41 mins
SECTION 12: Sharing Projects
  • A. Saving to other formats
  • B. Working with the global templates
  • C. Importing and exporting
  • D. Sharing project information in other ways
Yoda Learning 26 mins
SECTION 13: Conclusion
  • A. Next Step
Yoda Learning 1 mins

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  • Expiry : 6 Months, unlimited hours of viewing
  • Videos can be viewed only in Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome / Internet Explorer 9
  • Subject/Course Subscribed once is not transferrable
  • Videos are meant for web viewing only and cannot be downloaded
  • Course/Subject purchased once cannot be cancelled.

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