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Dhaval Patel


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Workers' participation is crucial for better results in an organization. It helps in developing a technology to resolve conflict and to achieve constructive cooperation among the partners of production. Workers' participation in India can be dated as far back as 1920 when workers and employers in the Ahmadabad textile industry agreed to settle disputes by mutual discussion. However, ti was not until 1947 that it achieved some acceptance when the Government of India enacted the Industrial Dispute Act with the dual purpose of privation and settlement of industrial disputes. Under the provision of the Act works committees were appointed to “remove cause of friction between the employer and the workmen in the day-to-day working of the establishment and to promote measures of securing amity and good reaction between them”. Subsequently, the Joint Management council was launched by the Tripartite Indian Labour Conference in 1957 with the purpose of improving working conditions, productivity, communication, general administration of laws and collective agreement, of encouraging suggestions from workers and creating among them a sens of participation.


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Good post... im doing online mba  in india.

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