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04 August 2011, 17:36   Report Abuse

Aditya Sina


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Can some one tell me what is lateral placement? How are these gained? Do all B-schools have them?

Thanks in advance!!

05 August 2011, 06:20  

Raghav HRGuru

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 In the rectuitment parlance lateral hiring means - taking experienced professionals in a company.  Contrary to this freshers hiring means taking employees purely based on academic records with virtually nil work experience

24 November 2018, 22:26  


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Literal placements are the recruitment of students with prior work experience at management schools. I have read an article in coursework service writing stating Mohanty adds initial feelers from companies indicate a tilt towards candidates with work experience. B-schools placement officials say one reason could be the reluctance among companies to spend on the training of fresher.

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